20 Best Art Deco Fonts for a Vintage Vibe

Art Deco fonts are a great way to give your designs a vintage vibe. Their clean letterforms and simple geometry create an air of class. They can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your project, and are ideal for use on business cards, promotional materials, and posters.

Art Deco is a popular style among designers for many reasons. Most fonts from this style feature geometric rounded shapes. The styles can also be enhanced by metallic colors and stylized florals.

There are many free fonts in this style. These include Gatsby – Art Deco Font, Avina – Art Deco Font, and Classy Marisa – Art Deco Font. Each of these fonts offers a unique aesthetic and features plenty of special alternative glyphs.

The Gatsby Art Deco Font is a great choice for a standout Art Deco numbers font. It includes regular, italic, and alternate versions, which are all suitable for use on promotional material or big texts.

Avina is a modern take on the classic Art Deco style. Its letterforms are simple and versatile, and it can be used on posters, headlines, and logos.

Saveur Sans is another Art Deco font that’s a great choice for ad design. Its clean and minimalistic letterforms are great for logos, menus, and packaging. This typeface comes with multilingual letters, punctuation, and ligatures.

Saveur Sans is a sophisticated font that can add sophistication to your layouts. Featuring tools for headlines and logotypes, this typeface is ideal for high-end markets.

art deco style fonts

1. Zelda – ArtDeco Font

ArtDeco vintage style display font for your new projects. Great for modern but also for retro/vintage projects!

Download Zelda

2. Art Nouveau

This fluid art nouveau style font is perfect for projects with a vintage feel. Each letter was hand drawn by me, so the font has a playful yet professional look. Perfect for food labels, menus, invitations, and a wide range of products!

Download Art Nouveau

3. Art Deco Scales

Art Deco Scales Pattern Lettering is a unique decorative font inspired by classical Japanese wave print. Masterfully designed to become a true favorite, this font has the potential to bring each of your creative ideas to the highest level!

Download Art Deco Scales

4. Fonseca

Fonseca is a modern sans serif inspired by art deco and typography poster in early 20th century. The key of this all-caps family is simple straight geometric forms and modernized letterforms.

The modernized retro-look makes this family great to presents any contents related to travel, history & culture in the present/modern way. This display family is perfect for headlines, posters, logos, branding projects, magazines, and packaging.

Download Fonseca

5. Serendior

Introducing this new beautiful font & pattern set from Zeune Ink Foundry, Serendior. Inspired by Art Deco movement and its decorative arts that originated in the 1920s, Serendior is formed of Constructivism and Futurism, and the unifying style of Art Deco, crafted with care with a bunch of special character sets that wrapped in unique discretionary ligatures and stylistic sets. Serendior consists of two styles, Block and Stroke. Contain more than 400+ glyphs with multi-language support.

Serendior came with 12 beautiful patterns that made of one vintage solid color, you can use them for various projects, the patterns are easy to scale up or down without a loss in quality, you also can change colors and create lots of unique variations of these patterns.

Suitable for any graphic design projects, prints, logo, poster, t-shirt, packaging and applicable for some type of graphic design. Serendior is compatible with any softwares without any pain.

Download Serendior


Pochter is font inspired by art deco style.

Download Pochter

7. Metropolis

Metropolis is an art-deco typeface with uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation. Toggle caps lock to use alternate characters.

It also includes 50+ art deco themed ornaments and 3 gold textures. The cover texture is not included.

Download Metropolis

8. Genesis

Genesis is a condensed art deco inspired typeface. This font exudes character while remaining useful thanks to a restrained style and modernized construction. With over 50 ligatures, you can be certain that Genesis is versatile and pleasant to use. Excellent for branding, headlines, magazines, print, books, and much more.

Download Genesis

9. Delauney

Delauney is a display font, inspired by the Art Deco style from the 1920s. Delauney visualizes luxurious looks, elegance, and wealth. This font is an all-caps font designed with geometric shapes and firm strokes that gives a clear look and minimalist.

Delaunay also has some OpenType features and accented characters to give you many alternatives in your creative process. A great choice for your headline, title, label, editorial, logotype, quotes, typography, and more!

Download Delaunay


Taking an art deco look, DECONICO is all about classic, elegance, and high class feel all over it.

Suit perfectly for high-end market audiences, poster, movie title, classic restaurant/ cafe menu, magazine, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers and so on…


11. Decolot Font

Decolot font was created being impressed by the art deco era. It is built on simple geometric forms. The font is ideal for websites, posters design, invitations, headlines, cards, scrapbooking, gift wrap, packaging and more.

Download Decolot

12. Avoner – Art Deco Fonts

Avoner is a luxury art deco font, inspired by the 1930 era of visuals and advertising.

Perfectly fit for your logo, branding, high fashion aesthetic, magazine, jewelry, perfume, makeup, cosmetic, champagne branding, and many more.

Download Avoner

13. DECORÁ – Geometric Art Deco Font

Introducing Decorá – a geometric font inspired by 1920’s Art Deco Movement. The main keywords that characterize the art deco moment and the font are – luxury, clean lines, grandiose, elegant, modern, rich, geometric, progress and hope.

Download Decora

14. Rocketeers – Art Deco Type

Rocketeers is a condensed type with a simple Art Deco vibes. Inspired by the writing style of the 1930s era. A bold and sturdy aesthetic style characterizes this font. Some alternates styles can be adjust to explore different shapes. This typeface is perfect for an brand logo, vintage stuff, fashion stuff, clean design, magazine cover, invitation, poster & flyer, or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

Download Rocketeers

15. Braga Huis

Braga Huis typeface is a font family that is inspired by the famous street in Bandung that was made to embodies the atmosphere and the environment of Netherland-Indie city at its golden time, whereby all the elements were designed to give the impression of structural, artistic, and advance. Braga Huis typeface has a strong Art Deco character, where the impression is depicted from the strong lines, curvy passion so it is very appropriate to describing the future atmosphere from the perspective of the 19th century.

Download Braga Huis

16. DECOERA – art deco font

DECOERA is all about classic, elegance, and high class vintage feel all over it. The era is a DECOERA

Suit perfectly for high-end market audiences, poster, movie title, classic restaurant/ cafe menu, magazine, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers and so on…

Download Decoera

17. Art Deco Monogram Font

Art Deco Monogram Font is a sans serif font specially designed for creating stunning monograms in no time. Art Deco Monogram Font includes three weights, light, regular and bold with uppercase and lower uppercase characters. This font has endless combinations. Each letter was designed to perfectly combine with the others easily and with great results. The uppercase letters are tall and narrow, while the lower uppercase letters are wider and short-bodied. For a successful monogram, you simply have to choose an uppercase letter and a lower uppercase letter, place them on top of each other and adjust them to have the same center, or just use the existing monograms in this font. Each font contains over 360 combinations of monograms, letters, and alternates.

Download Art Deco Monogram Font

18. Lovera – Art Deco Typeface

This majestic typeface adds a elegant twist to any design. Although the inspiration for this typeface comes from the Art Deco era, Lovera Font feels modern and contemporary. The large selection of stylistic alternations and ligatures makes this serif font extremely versatile. A passionate curve gives a touch of beauty to this font. Come up with two different shapes in terms of uppercase letters that aim to distinguish between title of the letter and the paragraph.Use Lovera Font for branding, magazine design, logo design, headlines, posters, packaging, cards or your wedding invitation.

Download Lovera

19. Indentia – Art Deco Typeface

Indentia is a very interesting font, which has been inspired by Art Deco art. It is formed from very careful lines with stylistic set and ligature features. Indentia has 200+ glyphs consisting of two styles: Indentia Regular and Indentia Black.Suitable for any graphic design projects, prints, logos, posters, t-shirts, packaging and applicable for some types of graphic design. Indentia is compatible with any software without any pain.

Download Indentia

20. Artikullash – Elegant Art Deco Typeface

Introducing Artikullash font. Are you looking for a bold and solid art deco display font that has an elegant vintage feeling? We can help! Try to download our Artikullash art deco font. The font is suitable to use for many occasion such as invitation, banner, movie title, brand, event, and many more

Download Artikullash