25 Best Tall Fonts Skinny, Bold & Everything In-between

When it comes to reading books in large print, Tall Fonts is the only way to go. With a Tall Font you are able to see the text clearly without having to squint or having to physically stretch your eyes. The reason why many people find it difficult to read large text on a laptop computer is because the screen is simply not big enough to accommodate all of the printed text on that screen. In order for the human eye to be able to make out all of the characters on the screen, there needs to be at least 72 inches between each character on the screen. The computer monitor can only display so many characters at once. It’s better to use big, high quality tall fonts like Courier or Lucida than Little Tall Fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. Even though the characters on the screen are larger, the human eye can still easily make out all of them. This way we can keep our vision free of strain and maintain our ability to multitask. We do not have to stop every time we turn the page or reach for a light. When we use big, high quality tall fonts like Courier or Lucida we are not constantly stressing our eyes by moving from one area of the screen to another. If you have ever read a book or newspaper that was printed in a large size print then you will notice that the font used was very big and also made it very difficult for you to read. The reason for this was due to the fact that it took your eyes a very long time to get used to looking at the printed copy. With the advent of computer monitors you can easily reduce the amount of time that you have to strain your eyes reading text on the computer monitor. Tall fonts are the only way to go if you want to cut down on eye strain while you are reading text or trying to work on a computer.

Tall Fonts Free & Premium

1. Tall Films

tall films font

Tall films font has been download over a million times! it’s a fan favourite for free font users.

Download Tall Films

2. Tall Dark And Handsome 

tall dark and handsome font

Another very popular free font is Tall Dark and Handsome.

Download Tall Dark And Handsome

3. Qontreau

Qontreau font

Modern and elegant, but also suited to retro or ‘art nouveau’ or even avant garde themes, this font has been designed to work in various combinations from conservative to funky.

Download Qontreau

4. Tall Abbey

tall abbey font

A tall and quirky sans handcrafted goodness!

Download Tall Abbey

5. Tallow

tallow font

Introducing the Tallow font family. An awesome collection of 10 handcrafted fonts that will be a great asset to any font library. This uppercase (and small caps) family consists of 5 different styles; brush, pen, sketch, rough and regular. And each of the styles included are available as sans-serif and serif fonts.

Download Tallow

6. Tall Fall

Tall Fall Font

Tall Fall is handwritten serif tall font perfect for food menu, quotes, blog header, poster, branding, logo, banner, etc.

Download Tall Fall

7. Tall Skinny Condensed

tall skinny condensed font

This is the tallest, skinniest, most condensed, non serif font.

Download Tall Skinny Condensed

8. Tall Order JNL

tall order font

The condensed style and square character shapes of a vintage typeface originally known as Raleigh has been re-interpreted by Jeff Levine Fonts as Tall Order JNL.

Download Tall Order JNL

9. Glorynight Tall

glorynight tall font

Glorynight Tall Version is a Display Sans font ( reguler and italic ). Made with the principle of octagonal form. It look manly, classy and strong. Suitable for any design needs : technological, sport, fashion, modern branding, modern advertising, print identity, magazine, website, mobile application and more.

Download Glorynight Tall

10. Tall Boy 

Tall Boy | Handwriting Font

Tall boy is a playful handmade font to elevate your designs, logos, posters, apparel, and products. This all-caps family includes a “high font” and a “low font” in regular, italic, and bold. This font also has punctuation and numbers!

Download Tall Boy

11. LasValles

lasvalles font

Introducing LasValles a tall Ultra condensed sans serif font coming in 4 styles. If you are looking for Strong letters with a ton of unique Ligatures and style to choose, LasValles is the perfect fit. It’s a memorable, fashionable, strong and elegant typeface. You can mix and match the rounded and the Regular style to create something very fresh and modern. Awesome right? The vintage style is the bad boy of the collection, old but still look very modern. This fonts is perfect for headlines, quotes, Logo, Web, magazine covers, editorial design, print posters, signage, window shop design, and much more.

Download Lasvalles

12. Tall And Narrow JNL

tall and narrow font

Lettered in a square, narrow block lettering style, a type design which is a perfect alternate to the more conventional condensed faces.

Download Tall and Narrow

13. Lemon Yellow Sun

Lemon Yellow Sun is a line from my favorite Pearl Jam song – Jeremy. It also happens to be the title of a Stiltskin song, so I had to name a font after it. LYS is a tall, all caps typeface with lots of bouncy glyphs and lots of diacritics. Upper and lower case have been designed to mingliu, so have a ball!

Download Lemon Yellow Sun

Download Lemon Yellow Sun Demo

14. Tall & Tiny Font Duo

Tall & Tiny Font Duo

This is Tall & Tiny Font Duo, a very playful and funny handmade font. I create this font for my son to use it for a PowerPoint project in school. This font comes with 52 hand drawn extras like bugs, insects, flowers, lines and leaves. You can use this fonts to create funny presentations, invitations, playful branding and many more.

Download Tall & Tiny

15. Jagatraya

Jagatraya font

Jagatraya is a rectangular tall blocky sans serif that perfect for modern technology article, poster, websites, and any promo material. The tall shape giving a sophisticated tech feel, and also bring some sort of ancient technology with cryptyc language. prepare to be aMAZEd.

Download Jagatraya

16. Margrite

Margrite - Tall Serif Font Family

Introducing Margrite – A Tall and Condensed Serif Typeface Family consisting of Light, Regular and Bold fonts. This is perfect for all kinds of elegant and modern designs that require more vertical room. For example all kinds of regular size posters and flyers. The different weights can be combines together to create bold titles, accents and copy text. Play around with all caps and tracking to create most unique combinations. Perfect font for all kinds of logos and branding projects.

Download Margrite

17. Havana Sunset

Havana Sunset font

Let your hair down and enjoy the ride with Havana Sunset! Analogue meets digital in this font duo, pairing a carefree & textured script font with a trendy all-caps sans-serif – creating the perfect typography contrast for fun, free & stylish design projects.

Download Havana Sunset

18. Garry Tall

Garry Tall Font

Garry Tall is handwritten sans-serif tall font (all caps) perfect for quotes, blog header, poster, branding, logo, etc.

Download Garry Tall

19. Drive-in

drive-in font

Drive-in is a new tall condensed typeface inspired by the mid-century design movement. It combines typical industrial style condensed sans-serif letterforms with the style and character of the mid-century design era.

Download Drive-in

20. Double Aunofa

Double Aunofa font

Double Aunofa, a couple of beautiful fonts with the approach to luxury branding and classy feels. Comes in clean tall serif and handwritten script style. Perfectly fit for your simple branding, logo, classy visual identity, you name it.

Download Aunofa

21. Zephyr

Zephyr is a tall display typeface in 4 different styles. It includes uppercase English letters and numbers. There are no lowercase letters and minimal punctuation.

Download Zephyr

22. Sucre

Inspired by mid-century print design, Sucre is a super-condensed vintage all-caps sans that is perfect for headlines, logos, quotes, and more! I love using this font for printed materials and headings – the height draws attention and the condensed letters create a visually-appealing mid century modern feel.

Download Sucre

23. Tallahassee Chassis JNL

Tallahassee Chassis JNL font

Tallahassee Chassis JNL is a western font published by Jeff Levine Fonts.

Download Tallahassee Chassis

24. Murky

Murky font

Murky is a fun, joyful, tall and friendly handwritten font. This font is perfect for children themed designs, especially when combined with bright colors.

Download Murky

25. August

August means marked by dignity. This font is tall, bold and striking. A powerful and beautiful condensed sans serif display typeface. It brings charming curves and satisfying patterns to the traditional condensed fonts. It’s designed for impact without sacrificing legibility or style. It’s at its best when it’s big. So it’s well suited to posters, blockbusters, movies, headlines and titles. Its patterns and simplicity make it great for logotypes as well.

Download August