25 Superhero Fonts Best Picks

Superhero Font is a font used for many graphic designs. It has been used in many advertising and logos that are used in different forms of media. It is very simple to read, as the fonts are very readable. It has become popular with all types of people, whether it is for kids or adults. Superhero Font is also known as super-hero or super-type fonts. The use of these fonts in a logo design can make the logo look more professional and it can also create a stronger impact.

Before going to any graphic designer, you have to make a comparison between different designs and find the one that suits your requirement. It can be an advantage to choose a font that has been used by other people, but it is not necessary. There are different types of fonts available in the market, and they all have different types of designs. The fonts can be in script or serif type. The serif fonts are those fonts that have letters and also have spaces between the letters. They are much more appealing and look more professional. There are also some free fonts available that can be used for a small number of your graphic design projects, but the best fonts will cost you a fee.

Superhero Fonts is a type of font that is used for different purposes. They are very popular in letterhead designs, which is where they are used in business letterheads for a particular business. They can be used for advertising, in banners, and as labels in brochures. Another use for this type of font is to create a superhero or a mascot character, which can be seen in many products, such as comic books, cartoons, and many others. There is a wide variety of font types available and choosing the right one can make your project a success.

Superhero Fonts Even Comic Books Can’t Handle

1. Masked Hero 

Masked Hero display font

Masked Hero is a sharp and bold display font. Masterfully designed to become a true favorite, this font has the potential to bring each of your creative ideas to the highest level!

Download Masked Hero

2. Agakê

Agake font

Agakê is a typography for comics with 03 weights, variations in italics and shadow. It has 432 glyphs with support for multiple languages and was designed to adapt to a variety of styles and narrative genres, whether adventure, fiction, graphic novel or even superhero.

Download Agakê

3. Kane

Based on the Batman logo, this font (and a medium weight which is unreleased) were designed especially for Rian Hughes’ “Batman: Black and White” comic book. It retains the signature reversed-stress weight distribution, seen to best effect on the A.

Download Kane

4. Backyard Hero

Backyard Hero font

Meet Backyard Hero – your friendly neighbourhood good guy. He will fight off aliens and criminal masterminds, help old ladies across the street and give your designs an unexpectedly good look!

Download Backyard Hero

5. Avengeance

Avengeance font

Assembled for the first time anywhere with complete Avengeance! Gather your team and craft the mightiest logo on earth with a collection of the most powerful glyphs in existence. No time for puny layouts. Grab a hammer and smack these letters around until the results are golden. Smack them a little harder and you might just see stars—or is that an arrow? Is that a giant man in red underwear? I can’t say. There’s a wasp buzzing in my ear. But alas, let no trickster delay thee. The power to craft a proud statement of graphic import is finally at hand. But first you’ll need to click on the gallery tab above and download the PDF KEYMAP, because some “assembly” is definitely required.

Download Avengeance

6. Latex

latex font

Latex was initially a single multi-script all-cap font commissioned in 2012 by a company we can’t name, to market a billion-dollar superhero movie we also can’t name. A year later the commission grew to include a shaded variant and a set of DIY-like fonts, with different layering possibilities for dimensional manipulation.

Download LATEX

7. CA Kometo

CA Kometo font

Kometo has come to save the world. A superhero typeface featuring the super powers “shadow” and “imperfection”. It comes to save you from a world of boredom. Join Kometo and experience the fun of stacking fonts!

Download CA Kometo

8. Ultimatum

Ultimatum font

A classic comic book superhero font.

Download Ultimatum

9. Badaboom

badaboom font

With more than 5 million downloads how can you go wrong with this free font?

Download Badaboom

Buy Badaboom

10. Super Hero

Super Hero typeface

Super Hero is a super duper handwritten font, perfect for hand made projects and more

Download Super Hero

11. Lethal

Lethal font family

The Lethal is a strong and sophisticated family. It was inspired by superhero movie posters with strong and striking looks.

Download Lethal

12. Redrail Superfast

redrail superfast font

Bold mutant typography. Retro-futuristic. Sixties meets 1990’s comic book inspired, superfast for your superhero? The pencil tissue was dragged out from the very back of the file cabinet, stuck in the metal rail, it was lost then found- to bring a unique look to your project.

Download Redrail Superfast

13. Panther Black

panther black font

Developed from Rian Hughes’ Black Panther logo for Marvel, Panther Black is a sharp and stylish three-weight headline sans.

Built from sweeping curves and tapered crossbars, its bold, dynamic design is seen to best effect in shorter settings.

Download Panther Black

14. Freich

Freich font

Freich is a mighty bold font with vintage vibes. Perfect for posters with super hero, rebellious, or propaganda themes. Its sharp and strong letter forms will make any statements more powerful.

Download Freich

15. Excelsius

This typeface fits the cliche when you think of a super hero font. It might just be your next font.

Download Excelsius

16. Gibon

Gibon typeface

Gibon draws inspiration from the fascinating comic book universe, inhabited not only by many legendary superheroes, monsters and superbadass antiheroes, but also by its own legendary typefaces.

Download Gibon

17. Comic Panels

comic panels font

A loose, hand written font in a comic speech bubble style. Perfect for cartoon and super hero work!

Download Comic Panels

18. Best Friends Comic

Best Friends Comic Font

Best friends is a fabulous new comic book style font that packs a huge KAPOW! Perfect for adding a little sass to your designs and full of character! Use it for anything and everything your imagination can think of!

Download Best Friends Comic

19. AZ Postcard 3D

AZ Postcard 3D

This 3D font has a cartoony superhero hand drawn feel to it.

Download AZ Postcard 3D

20. Extra Extra

Extra Extra font

This font would be great if you don’t want your titles to be the most dominant part of the design.

Download Extra Extra



 Cyberhype is a bold display font with a glitched look. There are two options for each letter.


22. CA Smut

CA Smut typeface

Sometimes the ugliest pets can be the cutest ones. And the dirtiest fonts can be the most charming ones. Like CA Smut which comes in two styles that can be stacked on top of each other. “Regular” is the shadow, while “Fill” is the filling. Create little masterpieces by playing with different colors, offset or deviating tracking. You can even try to use the “Fill” style on its own, but do so at you own risk. The spacing and kerning is optimized for the use with “Regular”, so be open minded for surprising results.

Download CA Smut

23. Fatality

fatality font

This font is simple but maintains the comic book and super hero theme.

Download Fatality

24. Polaris

Polaris font

Polaris is a futuristic font with alternate letters. It includes uppercase multilingual letters, numbers and punctuation.

Download Polaris

25. Yada Yada Yada

Yada Yada Yada font

Yada Yada Yada is that font you will run into when reading a comic book. If you’re theme is classic superheroes then this font might be for you.e

Download Yada Yada Yada