30 Doodle Fonts for Daydreamers to Enjoy

Doodle is a type of handwriting in which an artist draws random phrases or letters in a foreign typeface. Usually found at the margins of high school student’s schoolbooks, these doodled drawings are often drawn when out of daydreaming on life upon graduating from high school. In the absence of a graphologist, it is often difficult to judge when a student is really dabbling in doodle. As with other types of art, most artists rely on their personal style instead of following an accepted style of drawing. With this said, you should take a moment to check out the following information about doodle art.

The basis of doodle comes from hand-drawn letters. A doodle can be based off of any font; however, there are some specific styles that doodle seems to revolve around. The four most common types of hand-drawn fonts are Palatino, Georgia, San Francisco and Courier New. Each of these styles share a set of rules for drawing the letters. The rules generally include things like:

To create a hand-drawn doodle, a doodle artist would first select a typeface. There are many types of typeface to choose from, but typically the artist would choose a typeface that is common to both their personal style as well as the typeface used in newspapers. Next, they would set up their tools and start to doodle. The tools that a doodler uses include pens, pencils, and markers. It is important to remember that if you are going to use different types of tools, you must ensure that the tools you are using are appropriate for the typeface you have selected for your doodle.

Cool Doodle Fonts

1. Doodle Pen

Doodle Pen font

Doodle Pen is a whimsical hand-drawn typeface. Characters are based on ballpoint pen multi-line drawings creating a scribbled texture and soft edges. This typeface will work well for headings, short paragraphs and scrap-book style designs.

Download Doodle Pen

2. Rum Doodle

Rum Doodle font

The Ascent of Rum Doodle is short story written in 1956 by W. E. Bowman. The story is a parody of the many non-fictional mountaineering chronicles and tells the adventures of a group of incompetent climbers, trying to conquer the highest mountain in the world.

Rum Doodle is an angular, uneven font, ideal for posters and book covers. The lower case letters all have alternates and it comes with a mountain of language support.

Download Rum Doodle

3. Doodly

Doodly font

Introducing a funny, playful doodle font with soft sloppy glyphs. Easily turning text into handwritten.

Font family is cool for complementing a design with a doodle or sketch illustration, the font does not have complex spelling of letters, therefore it is suitable for a children’s audience and will complement a children’s book, as well as fit into any design with a playful holiday theme, and much more.

Download Doodly

4. Boodle

Boodle font

Boodle is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch. It comes in 8 weights, 17 uprights and its matching italics, patterns, so you can use them to your heart’s content. Designed with powerful opentype features in mind. Each weight includes extended language support, fractions, tabular figures, arrows, ligatures, icons and patterned.

Download Boodle

5. Noodle

Noodle font

Noodleis a hand made font. It’s a fun and whimsical font that would be perfect for greeting cards, toys, picture books or anything that requires a naive sensibility. Enjoy!

Download Noodle

6. Doodly TrueType

Doodly TrueType font

 It contains all capital and lower case characters and all symbols you can imagine in the same scribble style! Install it on your computer or mac and use it for all sorts of projects! Or to spice up your resumé or cv. Have fun with it, and use it however you like!

Download Doodly TrueType

7. Atlantic Doodles

Atlantic Doodles font

Like another popular “doodle”, Atlantic Doodles can really liven things up. Give your scrapbooking, invitations, gift tags and other creative endeavors the attention they deserve with this versatile collection of 52 hand-drawn swashes, flourishes, spots, and decorations.

Download Atlantic Doodles

8. Stikers – The Doodles Font

Stikers - The Doodles Font

Stikers – The Doodles Font, every single letter has been carefully crafted to make your text looks beautiful. it’s perfect for logos, name cards, magazine layouts, invitations, headers, or even large-scale artwork.

Download Stikers – The Doodles Font

9. Takeshi

Takeshi font

Takeshi is a hand made set of fonts: a fat display font, a thinner complementary font and a doodle font. Enjoy!

Download Takeshi

10. Chamberline and Doodle vector

Chamberline and Doodle vector font

Chamberline & doodle vector is a lovely handlettering, It contains three different hand drawn With this set and a little bit of love and care it is possible to create beautiful “handmade” graphics.

Download Chamberline and Doodle vector

11. Scratchman

Scratchman font

Scratchman is a serif type font that has been scribbled by hand to present a neat text while still producing a natural and familiar look. thus this font can be an alternative for any designer who wants a different and unique look. This font is very suitable for use in the work of posters, t-shirts, comics, cartoons, doodle art, grafitty, flyers, etc. This font has two styles, regular and italic which are equipped with the open type feature.

Download Scratchman

12. Playzone – Handwritten Doodle Font

Playzone - Handwritten Doodle Font

Introducing Playzone – Handwritten Doodle Font, a new font with the style of the fun and doodle. Which is you can create a cute and fresh design like writing by hand.

Download Playzone – Handwritten Doodle Font

13. Oily Brush

Oily Brush font

Oily Brush is the mix of funny, communicative, comic and sketchy directions. The font ist perfect in use with the food, doodle or the cartoon themes and has the small nuance from the oil-painting.

This script designed to be informal, casual and easy in the perception and includes confidently positive emotions.

Download Oily Brush

14. Hompy – Quirky Doodle Font

Hompy - Quirky Doodle Font

Unleash your inner child by having fun using our Hompy font. A quirky and doodly font with the “almost careless” vibe to bring the honest feel to your visual project. Perfectly fit for a wedding, handcrafted products, vintage branding, cosmetic branding, etc.

Download Hompy – Quirky Doodle Font

15. Jernhelbred

Jernhelbred font

The Jernhelbred family has 3 different text fonts. One for headlines, one for massive text and a brush font for something decorative. Jernhelbred also comes with a doodle font with different doodles – suitable for almost anything, but meant to be used along with the Jernhelbred Title font.

Download Jernhelbred

16. Doodic font with doodle icons

Doodic font with doodle icons

Doodic is a cute sans serif font designed with rounded edges. Simple and playful, it is the perfect font for design doodle illustrations. The font is supplemented with business line art icons for more simple design creation.

Download Doodic font with doodle icons

17. Puffy Fluffy

Puffy Fluffy font

Puffy Fluffy is a casual handwritting typeface. This handmade monoline brush-strokes create a fun casual doodle typeface. This typeface can add more fun and happiness in your design. This typeface can be perfect for your greeting cards, birthday invitations, and event for a storybook, poster, quotes, etc..

Download Puffy Fluffy

18. Angry Monsta – A Funny Font with doodles

Angry Monsta font

Rawwr! The expressive, smooth, and funny handwritten font : Angry Monsta ~ This is a decorative brush font, which contains the usual characters from A-Z , a-z, 0-9 and standard symbols. Also it comes with extra ligatures and 26 ‘Angry’ doodles which you can mix and match together ! Set your font to “Angry Monsta Doodle” and type from A to Z, and you’ll get the comical angry doodle to make your design more cute and expressive!

DownloadAngry Monsta

19. LDJ Snow Doodles

LDJ Snow Doodles font

Tiny little snowflakes highlight this sketched-style font.

Give your lettering a slightly funky hand drawn look with this cool font

Download LDJ Snow Doodles

20. Lumios Marker

Lumios Marker

Lumios is a freehand casual marker script that was created using Pilot Sign Pen.

It has both extended Latin and basic Cyrillic support that is enhanced with oodles of ligatures (latin as well as cyrillic) and alternates.

Download Lumios Marker

21. Miggoe – Playful Font with Extra Doodles

Miggoe - Playful Font with Extra Doodles

Miggoe is a playful font with extra doodles. It’s perfectly suited for your any cute & educational stuffs!

Download Miggoe – Playful Font with Extra Doodles

22. Sleepy Fat Cat

Sleepy Fat Cat font

This doodle bold typeface can create some fun & playful character on your design. This typeface come with uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, numbers, alternate and an extra character.

Download Sleepy Fat Cat

23. MeeMee Kids Doodles

MeeMee Kids Doodles font

MeeMee is a typeface containing 72 handmade kids doodles and a lovely handwritten kids lettering font. MeeMee typeface comes with 2 fonts

Download MeeMee Kids Doodles

24. Sing Buneng Bae

Sing Buneng Bae font

Proudly Presenting, Sing Buneng Bae a Random Doodle Font. Sing Buneng Bae is perfect for any tittle or description, product packaging, branding project, megazine, social media, wedding, or just used to express words above the background.

Download Sing Buneng Bae

25. Happy Hints – kids doodle handwriting font

Happy Hints - kids doodle handwriting font

Happy Hints bring the children handwriting to its own level. with quirky shape, bouncy baseline, un-even line between letters, it bring a lot of scribble feel in it. When a children saw a poster with Happy Hints font being used, they will automatically feel home. They know that it is written by kids in their age, so the message is trustable.

Download Happy Hints

26. Candyhouse

Candyhouse font

This hand drawn font set is perfect for injecting some bubbly energy into your project. The great thing about Candyhouse is that it’s not just a script font; it’s crammed full of extra goodies such as a complete set of alternate lowercase characters, an additional all-caps font, and a bonus set of 30 hand-drawn elements including doodles, swashes & arrows. All of these combined provides you with a huge range of layout options and fun ideas to experiment with.

Download Candyhouse

27. Gulfys Handwritten Font Extra Doodles

Gulfys Handwritten Font Extra Doodles

Give your designs an authentic brush handcrafted feel. “Gulfys Handwritten Font Extra Doodles” is perfectly suited to signature, stationery, logo, typography quotes, magazine or book cover, website header, flyer, clothing, branding, packaging design and more.

Download Gulfys

28. Quote Note

Quote Note font

Quote Note was designed by Jakob Fischer and published by PizzaDude.dk. Quote Note contains 3 styles and family package options.

Download Quote Note

29. Book Worm

Book Worm font

Base on hand lettering with paintbrush, this typeface inspired by kids storybook. This typeface add more fun in reading a book with this easy-to-read & playful characters. Including simple ligatures, number & punctuation, this typeface can be use for quotes, title, and also body text.

Download Book Worm

30. HU Crayon Doodles

HU Crayon Doodles font

HU Crayon Doodles is a cute handwritten typeface that can be used to express any lively or active moment.

The alphabets are not aligned or evenly written but are crooked like scribble, which gives you funny and informal vibe.

Download HU Crayon Doodles