30 Pirate Fonts for Sea Style Designs

Pirate fonts have their own unique design and style. It is not just based on the lettering but also the choice of colors, typeface, space management, formatting and other details related to the typeface design. If you want to customize your pirate fonts then it is important that you get a typeface designer who has the experience and knowledge in working with this typeface genre. There are certain design principles and rules that are followed by designer to create this typeface genre. The choice of typeface and colors must be according to the concept of the project as well as the taste and personality of the designer.

Pirate fonts are not only for the text; they’re for more than mere Word, like a Pirate Day font. (Yarrr! !) They’re also often slightly distressed, stylized faces that either resemble eighteenth-century handwritten writing or like more formal, ornate writing on parchment. It’s not surprising that the most commonly used typeface for this type of font is Times New Roman, as it was the standard typeface for newspapers and legal documents for many years. However, if you’re going to go darker, you might want to try Futura, a typeface that is designed to give the impression of black letter on black.

Nautical Pirate Fonts

1. Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay font

A vintage look label font named “Pirate Bay”.Typeface includes five styles plus aged version, for sample look at 4th preview. This font will good viewed on any retro design like poster, t-shirt, label, logo etc.

Download Pirate Bay

2.  Jack Pirate

Jack Pirate font

Jack Pirate is a hand-drawn blackletter typeface, created by Måns Grebäck during 2019.

It is a genuine medieval font with fraktur-inspired letter forms, Gothic decorations and a mysterious undertone. Use it for projects relating to the Middle Ages, or in modern contexts such as tattoo or storefront graphics.

Download Jack Pirate

3. Pirates Rum

Pirates Rum font

A vintage layered typeface set named “Pirates Rum”.

This is an experiment of combining pirate motives with a touch of Gothic.

It is a multi-layered decorative font containing a base layer, a layer with internal decorative elements, a layer with a shadow, and a separate aged font.

Download Pirates Rum

4. Pirate Station

Pirate Station font

Pirate Station is the hand-drawn font made with brush. It is good for games, cartoons, posters, children’s books, and whenever you want to see grimy and funny but yet readable typeface.

Download Pirate Station

5. Pirates

Pirates font

Pirates is a display type, with style a retro, vintage, and classic, This font comes to give a classic feel for the designer to working on various projects. Although it also suitable for another purpose such as headline, insignia, badge, wedding invitation, greeting cards, etc. With a combination of highly vintage feels and the OpenType features put together on it, you can easily create a harmonic attractive message for your design.

Download Pirates

6. Qirate Mono

Qirate Mono font

Qirate Mono is a type of monospace font released by Fateh.Lab in 2020. This is good news for you graphic designers around the world. This font combines strong modern and minimalist style, perfect for those of you who have a young passion in designing ideas. Qirate Mono is full of unique characteristics. This font is available in single weight and style.

Download Qirate Mono

7. Pirate- Vintage Style Font

Pirate- Vintage Style Font

Unique retro or vintage style custom serif font with 6 styles: regular and grunge, inline and inline grunge, shadow and shadow grunge.

Download Pirate- Vintage Style Font

8. Captain Quill

Captain Quill font

Captain Quill is a lively calligraphic style script font designed by Jim Ford, based on the handwriting of a fictional pirate figure named Paul Pierce, aka Captain Quill.

The Captain Quill font is an exciting font that’s loaded with adventure, perfect for pirate-themed documents, scrapbooking, invitations and correspondence.

Download Captain Quill

9. Pirates Typeface

Pirates Typeface

his font is inspired by the design styles of the 70s. The style is funny, groovy, classic, not serious but has aesthetic and unique value, besides that the Pirates font is very easy to remember and becomes the image of a design.

Pirates Typeface is very good for being your font collection because this font is very unique and easy to apply to any media that has a design concept that is not so serious, groovy, classic, funny and unique.

Download Pirates Typeface

10. Barbary Pirates

Barbary Pirates font

Imagine a hot summer day with a cool breeze, watching the sun set over the beach, ice cold lemonade in your hand. A perfect postcard moment!

Download Barbary Pirates

11. White Pearl – Gaming font

White Pearl - Gaming font

Taking the pirate spirit to the gaming platform. The bold sharp shape emphasize the fun vibe its bring. The uppercase have a retro element inside, while the lowercase keeping it simple. Both having the same attitude, conquer that ship !

Download White Pearl – Gaming font

12. Schreibweise

Schreibweise font

Schreibweise is a pirate-flavored font inspired by a hand-lettered manuscript dating from 1492.

The digital font features numerous traditional blackletter and discretionary ligatures and contextual alternates to help create the feel of genuine hand lettering, and features archaic glyphs including the long s and rotunda r for vintage typography.

Download Schreibweise

13. Vanderick Fantasy Game Font

Vanderick Fantasy Game Font

Vanderick Fantasy Game Display Font – Pirate Horror NovelGrounded – Gothic Decorative Display Font

Download Vanderick Fantasy Game Font

14. Rankensteen

Rankensteen font

Many blackletter and calligraphic typefaces are elegant and can be used for items like invitations and liturgical or religious texts. Rankensteen is probably not one of them. It is crude and bizarre and with a somewhat menacing appearance. It seems more appropriate for a letter from a pirate than for a formal invitation.

Download Rankensteen

15. Wave Nautical Font

Wave Nautical Font

Introducing Wave Nautical, a sea loving aesthetic font. Love sea shanties? Mermaids? How about retro fonts, or tattoo fonts with a sailor flare? Then you might enjoy this nautical font with a touch of vintage font flare. It’s all caps with two variations: upper case letters are filled and lower case letters have a cut out variation. This font also includes extended Latin characters, support for multi languages, and web font files. Enjoy!

Download Wave Nautical Font

16.Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove font

X’ marks the spot — and the height of the lower case letters — in this cartographic calligraphy mapped out for you by lettering landlubber Jolly ‘JG’ Roshell and his trusty crowquill. Mapquest “Mystery Island” and be sure to keep your eyes on those scurvy dogs that call themselves your crew, this font is spilling over with dubloons and pirate booty and it’s finders keepers!

Download Treasure Trove

17. Kipling

Kipling font

Kipling is a refined serif, handmade and full of whimsy! Includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and multi-language characters! Also included in the font file are over 26 glyphs to add character and magic to your designs.

Download Kipling

18. Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman font

In nautical folklore, the Flying Dutchman is a ship that can never go home and is doomed to sail the seas forever as a ghost ship. The story of the Dutchman appeared in print in the 1820s. With different versions written over the years, some date the legend to the 1640s or the early 1700s.

Download Flying Dutchman

19. The Bjorke

The Bjorke font

Stylish Hand Written Script. Best match for logos, header, Titles, Prints & other Creative process possibilities.

Download The Bjorke

20. Pirates Gold Pro

Pirates Gold Pro font

This stylish swashbuckling typeface had a very limited character set, but with the CheapProFonts treatment this buried treasure is ready to be rediscovered. Character map included. “Arrr! Shiver me timbers!”

Download Pirates Gold Pro

21. Coaster Ghost

Coaster Ghost font

COASTER GHOST is a serif type font that is quite rigid, suitable for badge design, as well as for logo design, logotype, as the title font or as a supporting font. Impression of the stiffness so this font seems a bit gothic and certainly vintage.

Download Coaster Ghost

22. Bayside Tavern

Bayside Tavern font

Bayside Tavern is a weathered version of our Tavern Alt font family.

Download Bayside Tavern

23. La Pirata

La Pirata font

An all caps with different height between uppercase and lowercase, with adventurous spirit of a pirate. The lowercase will give you an enpanded version of the font. It’s like a stone for a two ships. Suit perfectly for Online Games, poster, movie title, fast food menu, magazine, and so on…

Download La Pirata

24. Sultan

Sultan font

Sultan is a revival and expansion of a 1954 Matrin Kausche typeface called Mosaik. This design highlights the unmistakable Arabic/Moorish calligraphy influence on Celtic lettering, by way of the highly active Andalusian culture from the ninth century until the crusades in the early eleventh century.

Download Sultan



An all caps font with 3 (three) weight, Reguler, Bold, and Black. With clean cut old tattoo style, a bit bouncy, and a lot of excitement. El Piratos is the captain of the rough fontography sea. Yarr !!


26. P22 Operina

P22 Operina font

Operina is based on a 16th-century lettering model of the scribe Ludovico degli Arrighi (Vicentino Ludovico degli Arrighi) used in his 1522 instructional lettering book, “La Operina da Imparare di scrivere littera Cancellarescha.” This book contains what is considered to be the earliest printed examples of Chancery Cursive.

Rather than try to reproduce a perfect, smooth, type-like version of Ludovico’s hand, which has been attempted in the past, the designer opted to leave in some rough edges and, thereby, create a look that mimics the endearing artifacts of quill and ink lettering on parchment.

Download P22 Operina

27. Blackbeard – Vintage Bold Display Typeface

Blackbeard - Vintage Bold Display Typeface

Introducing Blackbeard font. Are you looking for a bold and solid display font that has vintage feeling? We can help! Try to download our Blackbeard font. The font is suitable to use for any vintage occasion such as book, logo, band, event, and others :)

Download Blackbeard – Vintage Bold Display Typeface

28. Jacob Riley

Jacob Riley font

Jacob Riley is based on antique 18th century printers’ specimens and has been hand-illustrated with calligraphy nibs dipped in walnut ink. A goodly fellow, Jacob delights in uses varied and sundry including personal correspondence, rustic decor, graphic display and even amongst the pages of children’s books.

Download Jacob Riley

29. Cutlass Typeface – Lite

Cutlass Typeface - Lite font

Cutlass Typeface – Lite inspired by classic horror cartoon and pirates culture. Cutlass are 100% suitable for something strong, bold, also fancy and fun. Comes up with handmade extras with the vintage poster style that you can use, combine, or mix and match with each other and also with the typeface. Absolutely perfect for headings, logo, quotes, apparel design, invitations, flyer, poster, product packaging, book cover, movie, games, etc.

Download Cutlass Typeface – Lite

30. Caslon Antique 

Caslon Antique  font

aslon Antique was designed by Bernd Nadall and published by GroupType. Caslon Antique contains 2 styles and family package options.

Download Caslon Antique 

31. Saltpetre

Saltpetre font

Inspired by late 18th century type specimens, Saltpetre is a grounded yet rustic typeface. His letters have been hand-inked with antique dip pens and playfully spaced for a charming, irregular look. In addition to a set of 26 upper case letters, the font includes a variety of period graphics, interlocking decorative borders, numerals, punctuation, currency figures and multi-lingual support.

Download Saltpetre