25 Water Fonts For Wave Liquid Splash Effects

Water typeface printing has gained popularity over the years for many reasons. The most important of those reasons is that it allows one to easily personalize printed materials such as business cards, posters, letterheads, envelopes, brochures, flyers and other printed materials. The process involves using ink from specialized water color printers that can be obtained at companies specializing in water typeface printing. Afterward, it’s just a matter of choosing the right color and ink for your project.

The popularity of water typeface can be attributed to the fact that these types of design are easy to apply. Aside from that, they allow customization without worrying about any loss of quality or originality. Another reason is that these types of materials are economical compared to those with original art and illustrations. This is because the prices of water typesetting nowadays are a lot lower than they used to be.

You can choose from a wide selection of water typeface designs ranging from business logos to water typefaces for interior designers to create stunning graphics for projects and marketing materials. Whatever your purpose is, you are guaranteed to find a water typeface that will be suitable for your project. This is because different water colors have different looks. To maximize your creativity, it’s recommended that you get a few sample prints so that you’ll be able to decide which design will be best suited for your project. Water typesetting isn’t just limited to commercial uses anymore.

Water Drop Fonts for Sea Feelings

1. Water

water font

Water is a rounded hand-printed font ideal for graphic project.

Usage recommendations : Title, short text, children’s book, poster, book cover, brochure, label, magazine

Download Water

2. Water Splash

water splash font

Water Splash is a unique display font. This font is inspired by the water splash shape. There are 3 directions for the splash water (direction to the left, up and down and to the right), and they are alternate from this lowercase font. With these variations, it will make it easier for you to create creativity for your project.

Download Water Splash

3. Water Brush

Water Brush font

A Dry Brush script with lots of bounce and fun. Great for casual uses as well as sophisticated events.

Download Water Brush

4. Aquaboy

aquaboy font

Aquaboy fonts are display fonts that are inspired from water, bringing you to a feeling of relaxation and peace. This font is very suitable for use in water nuanced design work. let your mind flow by using this nice font.

Download Aquaboy

5. Swim

Swim font

A typeface family inspired by water. The family comes with a text version of two weights and matching italics —Regular, Regular Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. In addition, both weights come with a characteristic “glitch” version wich makes the family outstanding and suitable for branding and visual communication projects. The fonts support 207 different languages.

Download Swim

6. Secret Water

Secret Water font

Secret Water is simple handmade multipurpose font , suitable for many project children book, quotes, logo , heading , title etc.

Download Secret Water

7. Luruh

Luruh font

Luruh are inspired by the flow of running and melting water. Luruh is guaranteed to make your text stand out – perfect for logos, printed quotes, invitations, cards, product packaging, and headers.

Download Luruh

8. Waterlily

Waterlily Font

Including over 80 different hand drawn characters for a range of languages and dialects.

Download Waterlily

9. Nautical Doodles

Nautical Doodles font

Sail the seas with Nautical Doodles. This seaworthy font has 32 illustrations of water craft, anchors, star, compass, flags, whale, shark, birds, starfish, seahorse, rope etc. Even a mermaid… and the scripted word Ahoy!

Download Nautical Doodles

10. Summer Splash

Summer Splash font

Summer Splash is display font of splashing water, come up with two font regular and display.

Download Summer Splash

11. Onda

Onda font

Onda is a display typeface based on a synthesis of curvilinear nostalgic spirit leads us to a new psychedelia words are immersed in the spirit of the 60s. Onda is provided “style forms” to small caps, in both its Regular and Italic.

Its use is recommended for pop spirit signs, markings or titles for scuba diving, oceanography and water industry.

Download Onda

12. Ocean

Ocean font

Are you looking for a good summer vibes and beach font?

Download Ocean

13. Wu

Wu font

Wu is a font that flows through the page like waves in the sea. The font is based on the shape of an Ancistrus fish swimming through water. The shapes of the letters flow into each other and move out again in perfect harmony

Download Wu

14. Speckle

Speckle font

Speckle is inspired by the intersection of two seemingly different things, such as illustration and typography, or oil and water. Much like mixing oil with water and watching the liquids interact and collide to create interesting and attractive shapes, Speckle offers the opportunity for play, and has the capacity to generate texts with personality and authenticity. The result is typography full of life, movement and originality.​​​​​​​

Download Speckle

15. Aqua Color Font

Aqua Color Font

2 color or SVG opentype font – working only in Photoshop CC 2017+, Illustrator CC 2018 and some Mac apps!

With aqua or water style – 2 versions: with and without fish

Download Aqua Color Font

16. Wave

Wave font

WAVE is characterized by curved lines and intricate details

Download Wave

17. Bali Beach

Bali Beach font

Bali Beach is a script handwritten font with a casual, inky and modern look. You can use the alternates and ligatures to give your design a realistic, hand painted look.

Download Bali Beach

18. Werble JNL

Werble JNL font

Werble JNL is a wiggly, wavy, novelty font that can be used for anything that needs to show movement. It also lends itself well to spooky themes such as Halloween or horror films.

Download Werble JNL

19. Big Wave

Big Wave font

Introducing a vintage look label font named Big Wave. This font have a lot of additional characters and multilingual support (you can see them at the screenshot) and including 7 styles – Regular, Full, Shadow, Texture, Shadow FX, Texture FX and Outline. This font will good viewed on any retro design like poster, t-shirt, label, logo etc.

Download Big Wave

20. Plop

Plop font

Presenting a decorative liquid font Plop. It’s a splashing funny typeface perfect for authentique lettering composition. To use a bigger splash letter just type a capital letter. Same way the last letter in word will be automatically replaced to correct glyph using OpenType features. Both sides splashes are available for all letters including multilingual characters.

Download Plop

21. Jack Saxophones

Jack Saxophones font

Jack Saxophones is a fun handwritten font with brush style, comes with uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and punctuation. This font will be perfect pick for various designs & artworks like social media post, brand type, posters, merchandise, packaging, headlines, merchandises, t-shirt, and many more..

Download Jack Saxophones

22. Skywave

Skywave font

Skywave is a display cursive typeface. Skywave inspired by wave on the ocean, I tried to combine ideas from waves into a typeface. This typeface is great for logos, tittle, headline, tagline, tshirt, handwritten quotes, product packaging, poster, merchandise, social media, labels, branding, greeting cards, etc.

Download Skywave

23. Olivia Sand Typeface & Flowers set

Olivia Sand Typeface & Flowers set

Package includes: 21 PNG files with beautiful watercolor flowers for the logo and invitation, 1 handmade font by Nadi Spasibenko. High quality illustration of 300 dpi.

Download Olivia Sand Typeface & Flowers set

24. Cassnemo

Cassnemo font

Introducing Cassnemo and 3 Animals Watercolour to Bonus, a typeface created stylized handwriting is clearly visible charms, made more elegant impression posts and more passionate. It comes with different styles that will make a wonderful impression

Cassnemo Script is handwritten stylish copperplate calligraphy fonts, combines from copperplate to contemporary typeface with a dancing baseline, classic and elegant touch. Can be used for various purposes.such as headings, signature, logos, wedding invitation, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, lable, news, posters, badges etc.

Download Cassnemo

25. Larvarose

Larvarose font

A hand painted typeface, perfect for using in ink or watercolour based designs or on its own as bold hand-brushed lettering. Suitable for invitation card design, headline, poster and many more.

Download Larvarose