25 Nautical Fonts For the Sea Mates and Sailors

Nautical fonts are great for all those that are into the ocean, especially those that love to sail. It can be hard to explain the beauty of the sea without at least mentioning the calm yet powerful force of the ocean. Yet over the years, man sure has really tried just about everything to capture this powerful force of nature.In many cases, nautical fonts are very good at capturing the majesty and power of the ocean. However, through the years, mankind also has tried to capture that same majesty but using something that is different from the nautical fonts. This is seen in many different arts, crafts, and written works devoted to the ocean. It’s also seen in the nautical fonts themselves.Most nautical fonts are typically found as italicized text. These kinds of fonts are used in a lot of things, such as logos and other types of signage for businesses. They can also be found in many book covers and letterheads. These fonts can be used in many different situations where people need to know the exact meaning of certain words or phrases.

As mentioned before, nautical fonts are usually found as italicized text. However, they can also be found as italicized letters. If you were looking for the exact same kind of fonts as the ones used by the sailors, there is an option that might suit you best, as well.

There is actually a font that was specifically made for nautical use. This type of font has a unique feel and look to it. There is something about these types of fonts that can really make it easy to remember, especially when it comes to those situations where you’re writing on paper or on a computer. You can simply flip back and forth between the font and the actual font that you’re used to. This is a really convenient feature, and it will be quite useful in your day-to-day life.If you think about it, there are tons of places where you can get nautical fonts. If you know where you can find a nautical font, then you’ll be able to take advantage of it. These fonts can be used in a lot of different areas and you can always use them as you want.When you decide to purchase nautical fonts, you can either go with an individual who has created this type of font for other people or you can go with a company. There are both advantages and disadvantages to both options. However, if you buy the fonts from someone who has created several different fonts, then you can make sure that you’re going to get a great deal when it comes to getting this type of font.These fonts can help you remember those precious times when you’re on the ocean, so you should definitely consider purchasing one or two of these fonts for your business or personal use.

Seaworthy Nautical Fonts

1. Wave Nautical

Wave Nautical Font

Introducing Wave Nautical, a sea loving aesthetic font. Love sea shanties? Mermaids? How about retro fonts, or tattoo fonts with a sailor flare? Then you might enjoy this nautical font with a touch of vintage font flare. It’s all caps with two variations: upper case letters are filled and lower case letters have a cut out variation. This font also includes extended Latin characters, support for multi languages, and web font files. Enjoy!

Download Wave Nautical

2. Marujo 

marujo font

Marujo is a highly decorative typeface inspired by painted pieces of Arthur Bispo do Rosário. Besides its spirited Regular and Light cuts, Marujo family brings nifty eye-catching variations adorned with dots and stripes. It also brings complementary fonts to spice things up even more: there are 2 shadow options and yet a picture font packed with doodles, mostly on nautical subjects (which are strongly present on Bispo do Rosário, a former seaman apprentice.)

Download Marujo

3. Saltpetre

salt petre font

Inspired by late 18th century type specimens, Saltpetre is a grounded yet rustic typeface. His letters have been hand-inked with antique dip pens and playfully spaced for a charming, irregular look. In addition to a set of 26 upper case letters, the font includes a variety of period graphics, interlocking decorative borders, numerals, punctuation, currency figures and multi-lingual support.

Saltpetre is extremely versatile and excels at display, as well as specialized uses such as cartography and historical reproduction.

Download Saltpetre

4. Seaman

Seaman font

Introducing a vintage label font named Seaman. All available characters you can see at the screenshots. This font has two variations, Clean and Grunge, and for each included three styles – Clean, Shadow and Shadow Wave. This font will look good on any retro design like a poster, T-shirt, label, logo, etc.

Download Seaman

5. Burford Rustic

burford rustic

Burford Rustic is the weathered and textured alternative to the Burford Family. It works the same way as Burford as a layer-based font family, but with some style variations and new layering options. It includes 20 font files, starting with four texture variations from Black, Bold, Light to Ultralight. It also includes and Outline and two Inline Weights. Additionally it offers three line weights (light, medium and bold) for top layering options. There are two extruded fonts and two drop shadow fonts, all either in a solo version and set with Burford Rustic Black for users not using Opentype programs. For users that have Opentype programs, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Publisher and Quark, each font also comes with a set of Stylistic Alternatives for letters A C E F G H P Q R. There are two versions of each letter, and by using contextual alternatives, no two letters next to each other will be the same.

Download Burford Rustic

6. Dark Seas – Five Styles!

Dark Seas  Five Styles

This font comes with five styles that pair seamlessly together, creating the ultimate tool to give your designs clarity, style, and impact.

Download Dark Seas

7. Fairwater

fairwater font

Fairwater’s aesthetic derives from the cursive handwriting styles popularized in the early to mid-1900s, the simplified, forgiving letterforms – and the pictorial themes that informed early-to-mid 20th-century naval tattoos. The Fairwater family includes a script and sans face in three weights, four decorative serif faces and an ornamental font: DIY Lines.

Download Fairwater

8. Nautica

nautica font

Nautica is a new script typeface based on Copperplate’s ductus. High in contrast, it is a very original type with a strong character.

With over 1000 glyphs and extensive language support, Nautica offers full professional typographic features.

Ligatures and swashes are more inspired by brush pen strokes. Nautica provides three weights and one set of useful icons and knots to improve your graphics.

Download Nautica

9. Nautica Sottile

nautica sottile

The Copperplate penmanship style has a distinctive flow and character. Many years of steady and patient practice allow calligraphers to achieve the flow, direction, sequencing, and speed required from the copperplate ductus, to achieve its distinctive, elegant, fluid aesthetic.

Nautica is a monumental new script from Resistenza, which builds on the creator’s accomplished penmanship skills. The delicate strokes have high contrast and an extravagant personality.

These letterforms invoke 18th-century sailors logbooks and the nostalgic correspondence those at sea sent home to their loved ones, with letters looping and rolling into one another like the waves these intrepid adventurers voyaged on.

Download Nautica Sottile

10. Old Harbour

old harbour font

Old Harbour is a font collection of 12 hand drawn fonts inspired by the vintage hand lettered signage, the old bottles’ labels and the aesthetic of my favourite old school tattoos. The fonts can work together in endless combinations, to create beautiful vintage designs for apparel, logos, labels, posters or any merchandise product you can imagine.

Download Old Harbour

11. Sailor Stripes

sailor stripes font

This stripy font feels a little nautical, a little cutsie, and a whole lot of fun! Use the font for logos and cute designs, then accent it with the custom hand illustrated icons!

Download Sailor Stripes

12. Sants


Sants is a simple and modern typeface that have thin and condensed form. The font type is suitable for poster, flyer, book cover and album artwork, newspaper and letter.

Download Sants

13. Pirates

pirates fonts

A collection of pirate drawings in font format. A great set of type dingbats in the genre of pirates, thieves, death and other vicious creatures of the high seas. Dingbats based on authentical and historical pirate’s flags and other devices in your universe.

Download Pirates

14. Boatswain

botswain font

The Boatswain is a sans serif font family. Sharp-pointed font resembling fishing hooks is for real sailors and everyone who likes the smell of the sea breeze and has the spirit of adventure! The font will be perfect for any nautical, sea and marine themed projects The typeface can be used for patches, labels, badges, emblems, signs, stickers, headlines, blog headers, branding, packaging, apparel design and much more. This great font definitely will inspire you towards new sea adventures!

Download Boatswain

15. Grantmouth

grantmouth typeface

Grantmouth is a font display is made by hand, inspired by classic labels. So much inspiration as you access it. All benefits you will feel when you start to create works with Grantmouth fonts. What are you waiting for, the best price and best quality we give you with pride

Download Grantmouth

16. Pirate Bay

pirate bay font

A vintage look label font named “Pirate Bay”.Typeface includes five styles plus aged version, for sample look at 4th preview. This font will good viewed on any retro design like poster, t-shirt, label, logo etc.

Download Pirate Bay

17. Sugar Boats Display Font

sugar boats font

Sugar Boats Display Font is a new serif display font inspired by Victorian & Art Deco typefaces of the past.

Download Sugar Boats

18. Nautikka

nautikka font

Nautikka was designed from the waves of the sea is a sans serif, elegant and functional for editorial design, visual identities or digital applications. With 685 glyphs, 5 weights and variations in italics is a versatile font with great legibility.

Download Nautikka

19. Sacred North

sacred north display font

Sacred North is a beautiful, stylistic uppercase display font inspired by Scandinavian history and culture. It features elements of nordic elegance that is so popular in brands these days, combined with runic elements of the Viking Age.

Download Sacred North

20. Unmoor

unmoor font

If you looking for rope letters to add to your nautical design, it is possible that you have found the ideal solution!

Download Unmoor

21. Gone Fishing

gone fishing font

Gone Fishing font is a single, monoline font designed for the words to flow as one continuous fishing line font.

There are a number of various rods, hooks, bait and catches. These can be used to create endless variations.

Download Gone Fishing

22. Oceantide Display

oceantide display

Oceantide Display is a whimsical and highly stylized nautical-themed font suitable for display use. The main focus is on standard English capital letters, with a few stylistic alternatives included. Lower case letters, numbers, and some symbols are included but are limited and there are a few limited international letters.

Download Oceantide Display

23. Ocean Six

Ocean Six is a bold display typeface with a unique, detailed, and handmade look.

Download Ocean Six

24. Sanremo

sanremo font

Sanremo – this bold display font is a stylish and original multipurpose font in a modern style with many alternatives and ligatures that are very attractive.

Download Sanremo

25. Galley

galley font

Inspired by the waves of a dark and endless ocean, this hand-drawn serif font is great for display and paragraph text.

Download Galley