30 Curvy Fonts for a Rounded Look

Curvy fonts are those that follow the natural curvy lines of the body. These curvy lines make the entire text look wider and taller than it really is. There is also a tendency to include a small amount of slant at the top of curvy typefaces to make them look more appealing. Curvy typeface design is quite common especially in scripts and in calligraphy. This is because the slanting letters allow more space for the decorative effects like decorative tails and decorative overflow amounts.

Cute Cursive Letters. Cursive script fonts also come with curvy typeface design. In this typeface, there are actually curvy shaped letters formed into blocks that resemble an animal or a bird’s beak. The curvy letters possess graceful shapes that create the typeface more relaxing and inviting.

Hoodson Script. Another typeface design that comes in curvy fonts is the hoodson script typeface. The font contains curvy type lines that creates an elegant appeal that is very captivating. The entire design is bold enough to render impressive effects that are ideal for calligraphy designs. The main reason why hoodson script is an ideal font to use when you are designing calligraphy designs is because the character can produce a wide range of decorative effects in both text and background designs.

Best Curvy Fonts

1. Curve

Curve font

Curve is a modern neo-classical typeface family with some features of the Didone genre, but especially designed for contemporary typography.

Download Curve

2. Mumbai Curry

Mumbai Curry font

Vintage design refers to an item of another era that holds important and recognizable value. This style can be applied to interior design, decor and other areas. Vintage design is popular and vintage items have risen in price. It also happen on Graphic Design Industry.

Download Mumbai Curry

3. Curly Q 

Curly Q font

CurlyQ new from Rae Kaiser and Outside the Line. A curly, swirly, girly kind of font. A delightful headline font for your next garden party or note to the kids from the tooth fairy.

Download Curly Q 

4. Curly Millie

Curly Millie font 1

Inspired by shape of leaf. A simple natural feel for You.

Download Curly Millie

5. Curly Luly

Curly Luly font

Curly Luly was published by FontHaus. Curly Luly contains 1 style.

Download Curly Luly

6. Olivia – A Curvy Typeface

Olivia font

Create bold, beautiful graphics and gorgeous headlines with a vintage feel. Olivia’s contrasting lines, wide curves, and short tails give your designs personality and a touch of elegance. This versatility makes Olivia perfect for logos, wedding invitations, quotes, branding, editorials, and more. Olivia’s aesthetic will draw you in time and again and elevate your designs. Start creating something beautiful today with Olivia.

Download Olivia – A Curvy Typeface

7. Quincy CF

quincy cf font

Quincy’s warm letterforms and medium contrast give any text a smooth, calming motion. Small variations and human touches add charm, with Quincy’s boldest weights especially eloquent as large and medium display type.

Download Quincy CF

8. Rockhand

Rockhand font

Rockhand is a relaxed and cursive script font. It is very suitable for poster ads, branding, invitation cards or any other designs which need a personalized touch. Make this font to beautify your design!.

Download Rockhand

9. Glamour Absolute

Glamour Absolute

Two-faced beauty : Modern or Vintage

If you are going Vintage Retro : Access your OpenType features to access the large selection of alternate letters and ligatures, select the letters you like from the large variety to get the vintage look you are after. Vary between a light and heavy vintage look based on how many letters you alter.

If you are going Modern Chic : Just type with regular letters :) Play with your letter spacing to add even more class to your designs.

Download Glamour Absolute

10. Nukita

Nukita font

Nukita is a curvy, condensed humanist sans-serif font made of thick, wobbly, irregular lines which grant it a hand written character and it’s suitable for display. This font is in all caps and is available in two styles.

Download Nukita

11. Choowee

Choowee font

Funky decorative display typeface with a curvy eye catching character.

Choowee can solve many graphical problems.

Download Choowee

12. TM Stanley

TM Stanley font

TM Stanley is a vintage typeface inspired by old school signpainting letters, a mixture between sharp and curvy-ornamental edges. Suits best for any vintage themed designs, logo, headline, letterheads, etc. Available in uppercase, lowercase, numerals, basic punctuations and alternate characters (Opentype features). Comes in OTF and TTF formats.

Download TM Stanley

13. Filson Soft

Filson Soft font

Filson Soft is the rounded version of the popular Filson Pro. At first sight, the main feature of Filson Soft are the distinctive letters ‘K’, ‘Q’ and especially ‘R’ that make the font family very elegant. With its rounded terminaisons, this font family is also perfect for original titles and will give you future creations a nicely friendly aspect.

Download Filson Soft

14. Perugia

Perugia font

Introducing, Perugia – A bold and curvy display serif font.

Download Perugia

15. Kitten

Kitten font

Kitten is a MULTI WEIGHT SCRIPT FAMILY WITH A SIGNPAINTER aestethic and a wide range of variants, alternates and ligatures designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, with cat dingbats designed by Isabella Ahmadzadeh. Kitten curvy, bold shapes in the regular weight are perfect for logo design and display use, while the clean lighter weights, as well as the Monoline and the condensed Slant variant, are perfect for longer text blocks.

Download Kitten

16. Bourdeway Decorative Serif Font

Bourdeway Decorative Serif Font

Bourdeway Decorative Serif Font embodying vintage and elegant curves with combinations of sharp edges, and curvy lines. It can make it easier to convey the message in your design. Use for awesome display, labeling, clothing, movie screen, poster, movie title, gigs, album covers, headlines magazine, logos, and much more. It’s also could be good for both fun and semi-formal text.

Download Bourdeway Decorative Serif Font

17. Melodica

Melodica font

Melodica was so named because the characters dance easily across the page as music wafts across a room. The font was designed to meet the need of designers that need clarity, sensuousness, a suggestion of the oddball, and a modicum of humor.

With its boldly curvy caps, and large x-height lower case characters, Melodica suggests a boldness of purpose while enjoying a well modulated delicacy of line. Use Melodica for any purpose that wants a happy, vibrant, slightly quirky yet “not too far from the norm” solution.

Download Melodica

18. Ondise

Ondise font

Ondise is a curvy and warm hand-lettered calligraphy script with a natural, dancing baseline. This Opentype font was created with a pointed pen & ink, and includes six different ampersands as well as a swash feature that automatically substitutes beginning & end of word letters.

Download Ondise

19. Arqua

Arqua font

The author writes “I took Arquà’s curvy lines from some details in art nuveau posters from late 1800 / early ‘900, then I added to the mix a little bit of elegance with some weird contrast (look at the S). One hour in the hoven and a modern looking display font came out in 2 weights: Goodboy and the doppelganger Badboy perfect to mix up.”.

Download Arqua

20. Kinky

Kinky font

Kinky is a display geometric sans with condensed proportions. Selected characters have loops and twists, giving the typeface a quirky and sexy personality ideal for editorial, branding and advertising purposes. It can work well also in short texts at medium size. For those uses that require a vanilla approach, Kinky contains alternate characters organised in 7 stylistic sets. Case sensitive alternates, beautiful curvy arrows and nonsense daggers complement the font features.

Download Kinky

21. Nula

Nula font

Nula is humanist sans serif family equipped with 22 font files – 11 weights and italics – from Thin to Heavy. It is modern, functional and distinctive, ideal for multiple purposes. Curvy diagonal stems and endings characterize Nula as typeface with lively elegant and soft touch, but stable, well structured typeface at same time. Nula font family is fully legible in any size and with it’s variety of weights recommends itself for publishing or online magazine.

Download Nula

22. Qualy Logo

Qualy Logo font

Qualy is a special font for your logo & branding.

Every character (even punctuation marks!) is designed for a good logo, so not suitable for a long text.

Download Qualy Logo

23. Selfie

Selfie font

Selfie is a connected sans serif based in vintage signage scripts seen in Galerías of Buenos Aires. These places are, in general, very small shopping centres which pedestrians sometimes use as shortcuts to get to other parts of the city. Its curves were based in perfectly shaped circles which made the font easy to be used at different angles (some posters show it at a 24.7º angle) without having problems/deformities.

Download Selfie

24. Argent CF

Argent CF font

Argent is dashing and expressive, with a pronounced x-height and evocative, flowing letterforms. Featuring charming italics, a special superbold weight, and wide language support, Argent excels in display settings like headlines, titles, and logos.

Download Argent CF

25. Bunday Clean

Bunday Clean font

Bunday Clean is a minimalist and friendly font family with different moods. It drops everything unnecessary like spurs and ears and appears crisp and contemporary with a slightly squarish touch. Like the other members of the superfamily (Bunday™ Sans and Bunday™ Slab), Bunday Clean provides uprights, a second set of styles with characters that reference handwritten cursive. These curvy styles give words a distinct look and are especially attractive for use in display applications and logotype design.

Download Bunday Clean

26. Denton

Denton font

This typeface pulls through the best 70s design assets and refines them, expanding the use of this display style into a full variable type-family. Denton comes in two styles, which divide to offer subtle differences, maximising the type families’ use.

Download Denton

27. Sunfleur

Sunfleur font

Sunfleur is a high dose of peace and love. With flared edges and rounded terminals, its playful forms were inspired by the flower child style of the 1960s. The waxing and waning curves of the letters complement each other for optimal readability and flow. Sunfleur is a display font featuring all uppercase characters with stylistic alternates, as well as a series of happy flower icons. Bring positive energy to logos, headlines, packaging, editorial, and posters. Includes punctuation, glyphs, diacritics, numerals, icons, and multilingual support.

Download Sunfleur

28. Carolyna

Carolyna font

Carolyna is an elegant, yet whimsically handwritten calligraphy font that was created with readability in mind. It uses open-type features to assist with letter flow and to give each creation that modern, hand-lettered touch. With over 1000 characters, there are many stylistic alternates to choose from, tons of foreign characters so you can write in other languages, and fun swashes to give headings a little something extra.

Download Carolyna

29. Marion

Marion font

Marion is an unambiguous transitional serif typeface with an eighteenth century flair. It has the general structure of Century Roman with a stroke treatment that’s closer to Baskerville. One of its unique features are the hammer claw serifs of the round capitals. While there are no specific influences for this design, it was created with a general idea of rustic Canadian pseudohistoricism. Marion comes in Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. Old-style numerals and standard f-ligatures are included. There are also some eccentric discretionary ligatures and some blithe swash letters. Almost all current Latin alphabet based languages are supported as well as Greek and Cyrillic.

Download Marion

30. Cooper BT

Bitstream Cooper was designed at Bitstream in 1986 by means of adding light, medium, and bold styles, with the corresponding italics, to the existing black ones.

Download Cooper BT