25 Hippie Fonts for a Carefree Vibe and Groovy Time

Balloon fonts are hand written scripts that use a grid to show different types of text or images. The original balloon font was developed for display purposes, but today it is also used in signage and other advertising materials. It was first developed in 1939 by Max R. Kaufmann for American Type Foundry, Inc., in response to Howard Allen Trafton’s famous cartoon, cut into Light, Bold, and extra-bold typeface. Although, like many other sans serif types, balloons had its share of lovers and enemies, especially those who were from the design backgrounds of those days. The biggest complaint with balloons, after all, is that it does not distinguish between headings, subtitles, or curser and content.

For personal use, it can be used with any text-handwriting software without making any kind of corrections, unless such corrections are intended for the final printed document. For commercial use, it is advisable to get your hands on a good set of text correction software, like Adobe InDesign CS5, which provides tools that include built in justification and alignment tools, as well as italics and underline. With these tools in hand, you can correct all kinds of inconsistencies, including margins, headings, margins, and padding. You will be able to easily customize the appearance of your balloon fonts for better results, according to your needs.

Although there are some people who prefer to use default fonts that are part of the software package, like the Courier family, there are many who appreciate the uniqueness and creativity of a customized typeface. If you are in the market for custom designing, why not consider using a balloon font? It comes in a variety of weights, including regular, italic, or special, and its flexibility to adapt to any type of text makes it a great choice. You can have your balloons designed according to any theme you want, including current events, hobbies, professions, animals, and many more. Whatever you are promoting or doing, you can make sure that your message gets across effectively by using premium fonts.

Groovy Hippie Fonts

1. Hippie Mojo

Hippie Mojo font

Set the wayback machine for about 1967. Smell the patchouli? Now you can inject just the right dose of swirly-licious mojo into your retro design with this original vintage-styled sixties font. But as with many psychedelic hippie lettering designs, the history reaches back even further; it owes a designer’s debt of gratitude to the designs of the Art Nouveau era as well. This is predominantly a uni-case alphabet, but also features a few alternative characters in the lower case – at the full height of the capitals. With an extensive character set and multilingual glyphs, you can use Hippie Mojo to say “Groovy baby” in many languages. Evoke the carefree and tripped-out vibe of the psychedelic era with Hippie Mojo; it’s pure retro fun!

Download Hippie Mojo

2. Nouveau Hippie JNL

Nouveau Hippie JNL font

The cover of the 1907 sheet music for “I’d Rather Twostep Than Waltz, Bill” was hand lettered in an Art Nouveau sans serif alphabet.

During the hippie counter-culture movement of the 1960s, rock posters, album covers and other printed ephemera of the time embraced the styles of lettering and art made popular during the early 1900s.

Download Nouveau Hippie JNL

3. Hippie Freak JNL

Hippie Freak JNL font

What does a 1932 movie about a love affair between a circus’ trapeze artist and a sideshow “little person” have to do with the 1960s counter-culture? They both share some commonalities.

The title card for Tod Browning’s “Freaks” inspired the lettering design for Hippie Freak JNL. It’s in a retro style that was embraced by the youth movement that had its epicenter in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco.

Circus performers with birth defect abnormalities were displayed in what was referred to as “freak shows”; while young men with long hair and beards who sought peace, love and an end to the war in Vietnam were commonly referred to as “hippie freaks”

Download Hippie Freak JNL

4. Flat20 Hippies

Flat20 Hippies font

This 8-bit pixel font is designed with respect for 80’s game designers and the pixel font pioneers in middle 90’s. Recommended use at 20 pixels or multiples of 20 and anti-alias off.

Download Flat20 Hippies

5. Yippie Yeah

Yippie Yeah font

Yippie Yeah Sans & Slab is a Cute & Playful Font full of charm . It will take any DIY-project to the next level!

Download Yippie Yeah

6. Hippie Unicorn

Hippie Unicorn font

Hippie Unicorn is a modern and stylish handwriten typeface, suitable for any design, for greeting cards, flyers, name cards, quotes, brands, digital signatures, kids stuffs, scrapbooks etc.Comes with extra underline swashes and handdrawn Unicorn doodles.

Download Hippie Unicorn

7. Bogart

Bogart font

Bogart has been designed in 2020 by Francesco Canovaro as a personal homage to the iconic look of low-contrast old-style fat faces, like Cooper Black (Oswald Bruce Cooper, 1922) and Goudy Heavy Face (Frederic W. Goudy and Sol Hess, 1925-1932). Originating from the modern old style of Bookman, these muddy, goopy shapes found their pop culture iconic status thanks to rub-on transfers and phototypesetting systems in the 1960s and 1970s. Positively bursting with hippie energy and exuberant vitality, they often included an extensive repertoire of swash characters, bridging the space between lettering and typography.

Download Bogart

8. Hipsterism

Hipsterism font

Hipsterism is a bold Display Font with its distinctive character that can be easily implemented in your various design projects . Hipsterism came with opentype features such stylistic alternates, stylistic sets & ligatures good for logotype, poster, badge, book cover, tshirt design, packaging and any more.

Download Hipsterism

9. Sixties Flashback

Sixties Flashback font

Here’s a lettering style that just might be exactly on your wavelength. Add just the right dose of vintage freak-a-delia to your retro graphics with this original psychedelic-style design. Great for music posters, album graphics, book titles, etc. Evoke a warpy, wavy, whimsical vibe that harks back to the carefree 1960s or early 1970s era with Sixties Flashback; it’s pure hippie, trippy fun!

Download Sixties Flashback

10. Street Hipster Graffiti Font

Street Hipster Graffiti Font

Street Hipster inspired by graffiti style with a fun theme very good for graffity poster, Hip Hop, kids poster, flyer, childrenbook, cartoon, comic etc

Download Street Hipster Graffiti Font

11. Cow Palace JNL

Cow Palace JNL font

During the 1960s Hippie movement, a large amount of the rock and roll poster art was strongly influenced by the Art Nouveau period of the early 1900s.

A poster for an appearance by The Doors at San Francisco’s Cow Palace Exposition Center (presented by Fillmore East and West owner Bill Graham) featured some wonderfully eclectic Nouveau-styled serif hand lettering.

Download Cow Palace JNL

12. Hipster Style Script and Sans Typeface

Hipster Style Script and Sans Typeface

Hipster Script and Sans is an elegant vintage handcrafted font duo with a ton of beautiful alternates. Its a hand-made monoline script and pair sans serif, inspired from vintage and retro culture with modern touch. Perfect for branding projects, Logo design, Clothing Branding, product packaging, magazine headers, or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

Download Hipster Style Script and Sans Typeface

13. Bully Pulpit NF

Bully Pulpit NF font

This engaging headline face is based on a rather pudgy typeface named “Bullion Shadow”, which was originally released somewhere on the cusp between the hippie and disco eras, and was equally at home in both.

Download Bully Pulpit NF

14. Roadside Vintage Slab Serif

Roadside Vintage Slab Serif font

Roadside is a beautiful and nostalgic vintage font whose style was born in the time of free love and van adventures. With roots in surf culture and music festivals, Roadside is a complementary font to a variety of designs.

Download Roadside Vintage Slab Serif

15. Dusky Slab

Dusky Slab font

It’s a seventies style font with bold serifs and reverse contrast inspired by western hippie culture. Dusky Slab supports a lot of languages, including west european and cyrillic characters

Download Dusky Slab

16. Far Out!

Far Out font

Dig this groovy font, Far Out ~ Inspired by the Flower Children of the 60’s and 70’s ~ Includes 22 hand drawn graphics to elevate your hip designs!

Download Far Out!

17. Word From Radio

Word From Radio font

Based on retro vinyl records in the middle of 20th century. the mixture of funky, hippie and mid-century’s futuristics.

Download Word From Radio

18. Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street font

Carnaby Street is a vintage style bold font that pairs strong rectangular framing with softer rounded elements. It has a cool, funky, and groovy vibe, while still retaining a strong sense of linearity and geometry. This lettering style conjures up the retro vibes of the 1960s swinging London scene, or the psychedelic poster art of posters and handbills for the Fillmore Auditorium and Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco in the mid to late ’60s.

It represents a new take on a classic array of hand lettered stylings that have their roots both in the Art Nouveau Movement and the hippie counterculture movement of the 1960s and early 1970s.

Download Carnaby Street

19. Groovin

Groovin font

Groovin is full of funk, sass and scripty flow! This font has thick curls and a bottom-heavy design that takes you right back to the sixties and the summer of love. Perfect for a wide variety of designs, Groovin will help you get your funk on!

Download Groovin font

20. Cardholder Dispute SR

Cardholder Dispute SR font

From the remnants of an old freeware font by Ray Larabie comes Cardholder Dispute SRF. Thoroughly rebuilt from the ground up by Jeff Levine, this post-80s techno lettering can also double as a pop culture font evoking 60s or 70s rock concerts and hippie colonies or (as the name implies) credit cards.

Download Cardholder Dispute SR



FOLKLORIC is A Retro Sans-Serif Style They were particularly common in the 70s, this is a great choice for expressing a summer. The Typeface comes with Stylistic Set and Ligature Combinations Exellent typeface to use for covering your Project, like Branding, Movie Title, Headline Letter, Bookcover or Book Content, Magazine cover, Poster, Quotes Lettering, Logos, and more your project design.


22. Spadina

Spadina font

The Canada Type library has acquired a reputation for housing some of the most eye-catching and popular hippie and funk fonts. Kevin King wanted to be part of the hype, so he got the green light to get down and boogie, and Spadina is the result.

Based on a 1971 Karlo Wagner design called Fortunata, Spadina is the kind of art nouveau face that mixes influences so crazily it may as well be an acid flashback. When you look closely at the individual letters, there is no telling what mood will pop up in your face. It’s got some blackletter elements, nineteenth century ornamentals, some halloween fear and cheer, big band mystery, big hair garnish, and a lot of musicality. And it all adds up to one melodious hippie chic design that sets the ultimate optimistic mood.

Download Spadina

23. Summer of Love

Summer of Love font

It’s the Summer of Love all over again with this groovy psychedelic font. Designed in 2019, this typeface harks back to the carefree days of the late 1960s. Whimsical and offbeat with its swaying verticals, it nonetheless remains one of the more legible reimaginings of the genre, sporting all of the handlettered vibe of posters and album covers from the original hippie era, but with polished color and weight that evens out the legibility even at relatively small point sizes. Predominantly a unicase font, with a couple of alternate glyphs from upper to lowercase, Summer of Love works best as a large headline face, and benefits greatly from twisting and morphing the type blocks as was common during the original psych era. It’s a real groove machine, baby.

Download Summer of Love

24. Funky Nouveau JNL

Funky Nouveau JNL font

The free-form Art Nouveau hand lettering for the 1905 song “Will You Love Me in December as You Do in May” was the design model for Funky Nouveau JNL, which is available in both regular and oblique versions.

Since the 1960s hippie counterculture embraced elements of the Art Nouveau period in their art and design, it seemed only fitting to use the term “Funky Nouveau” in the fontís name as an homage to both eras.

Download Funky Nouveau JNL

25. Brice

Brice font

Brice refers to cultural products of the 80s such as music, art, literature, fashion, dance, film, that are consumed by the majority of society population. The Characteristic of Brice are in the small bouncy serif with a dynamic contrast, like R, B, S, K, P, etc. Perfect for Logotype, Caption, & Header.

Download Brice

26. Glaw

Glaw font

Meets Glaw, A new carefully crafted Fonts from Ilham Herry to bring a new heavy look of Psychedelic Theme. The Ideas of this fonts are from 70s, Psychedelic, Funk, Hippie, Party, and Etc.

Even though it’s a specific theme for this fonts. It doesn’t ruled out the possibility of creating a new style or themes.

Download Glaw