40 Cool 90s Fonts that are so Nostalgic

So why would anyone want to use the old fonts from the 1990s when they can get the typeface that is available now? It’s a question that many people ask when they are choosing typeface for their projects, whether its an invitation or a business card. The answer is actually that it’s not the decade that is important but what it represents. The decade was a short period of time, yet it defined certain characteristics that continue to exist until this day.

For example, it’s interesting to note that the decade did not feature many fonts that are geometric. There were some cartoon fonts and then the modern sans serif types. Most neon fonts, for instance, were not very popular in this time because there weren’t many businesses using them and they looked kind of primitive. This was a result of the color schemes of the time and also the lack of attention to detail that many designers had. But once the dot-com bubble burst and businesses realized that neon colors could attract more customers, they began to use them extensively.

Retro 90s Fonts

1. MultiType Brick

MultiType Brick font

MultiType Brick, an all caps typeface focused in display purposes. 6 styles with retro gaming vibes. This is the fifth release of an expanding multiverse of mixable fonts. The whole family of typefaces has been designed to work at big sizes and display purposes such as branding, headlines, thumbnails, posters and animations. You can swap between the three additional alternate sets through all the styles to add diversity to your composition, even in Cyrillic. This version features small caps in a independent font file.

Download MultiType Brick

2.  Record Scratch Retro

Record Scratch Retro font

Introducing Record Scratch, a retro font inspired by indie music and old records. If you love 80s fonts or 90s fonts, different fonts with decorative elements, and quirky handwriting fonts, you’ll enjoy this one.

Download Record Scratch Retro

3. Retro 86

Retro 86 font

RETRO-86 was inspired by the low-resolution computer graphics of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s seen in classic games and on computer screens and interfaces. RETRO-86 features a beautifully limited, blocky design and is perfect for projects relating to the tech industry, the gaming world, and nostalgic work from the late 20th century.

Download Retro 86

4. Smiley Face Retro Font

Smiley Face Retro Font

Introducing Smiley Face, a retro font with 90’s influence. If you love 90’s aesthetic fonts, different fonts that play with spacing, handwriting fonts, and just playful fonts, check this one out! I was inspired by the kids shows I grew up with in the 90s. I love a cute handwritten font. This casual font is really fun in different colors. Try it as your next display font!

Download Smiley Face Retro Font

5. JHA My Happy 70s

my happy 70a font

My Happy 70s has its roots in the baroque, yet is influenced by the type design of the following centuries. The type took formal elements and subtle spatial references from this time span but the main character remains true to its origin. Examples printed from metal type in this era reveal an enlargement of the curvature of the font which back then was caused by the flow of ink and the process of stamping. The resultant friendly look-and-feel of My Happy 70s is transferred and reinforced in the italic lending a spy affirmation to the here and now.

Download JHA My Happy 70s

6. Wasted Youth: A 90s Grunge Inspired Brush Font

Wasted Youth: A 90s Grunge Inspired Brush Font

Wasted Youth is a font in three styles including a clean-edged original, plus two additional versions drawn with inky brush and marker pen. It takes inspiration from 90s grunge bands, with a hand-made punk aesthetic that’s equally at home in music videos, album covers, horror movies and skate culture. It aims to combine the best of these popular looks into one versatile font.

Download Wasted Youth

7. Zoothopia

zoothopia font

Introducing Zoothopia. It is perfect for logo/branding projects, projects, large header text and product packaging.

Download Zoothopia

8. Roaring 20s

Roaring 20s FONT

This is a decorative font containing the letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, and enough punctuation to make invitations, playbills, posters, and the like. It is meant to have the feel of the theatre district early last century. “Roaring 20s” comes in three styles: regular/engraved, hollow/white, and black. Enjoy!

Download Roaring 20s

9. Gumzilla Font Plus Graphic Pack

Gumzilla Font Plus Graphic Pack

Introducing GUMZILLA, a rounded font with 3 styles (regular, shiny, and slimy). It is inspired by the 80s and 90s package design aesthetic, but it looks fresh and playful. Could be used in many different ways. Perfect for big headers, but if necessary it could be used for text blocks also.

Download Gumzilla Font Plus Graphic Pack

10. Balgin

balign font

Balgin brings back the nostalgic era of 90’s. The 90’s were a magical time – a time of the Docs, Game Boys, and Cartoon. As everything that was once old is new again, the 90’s are making a come back.

Download Balgin

11. Dust

Dust font

The author says “Dust inspired by my doodling from primary school in 90s. Hope you guys like it.”

Download Dust

12. Eliptik

Eliptik font

Eliptik is a typeface with disruptive shapes, inspired by the aesthetics of technology from the 80s and 90s, when they had a very particular style of seeing the future. It is an ideal typeface for large size display texts and wordmarks, designed in upper and lower case, it also has many stylistic variables (OpenType features) that give it more memorable and unique personality.

Download Eliptik

13. Strippy

strippy font

Inspired from the bold and loud visual statements from the 90s poster and graphic design trend, makes Strippy can’t hold itself to be born in this universe.

Download Strippy

14. Bayshore

Bayshore font

Perm your hair, squeeze into your lycra, and retro-fy your text with Bayshore! A totally tubular mono-line script font straight out of the 80’s.

Download Bayshore

15. Glamour Font+ 90premade Logo+Pattern

Glamour Font

Glamour & Beauty is Freestyle handmade signature type, suitable for bloging, DIY project Title, logo, packaging, clothing, food, Weeding Invitaion, or branding with 90 premade logo,vector+10 pattern could you make great designs with total 100 freebies.

Download Glamour Font

16. YWFT Service

YWFT Service font

YWFT Service is a display typeface, strongly influenced by the electronic music movement during the late 90s and early 2000’s. Created during the era when design firm WeWorkForThem was working with music labels and DJs, Service started originally as custom drawn lettering for various flyer work. It was later developed into font form around 2001 and with seven wonderful weight options. Service might be strongly influenced by the electronic/idm music of the time, but when used right it can work in numerous different genres such as fashion (Thin) and editorial headlines (Black).

Download YWFT Service

17. Copper

Copper font

Copper font inspired by movie logo from 80s until early 90s. Always fit for your band logo, poster quote things, branding, magazine headlines, etc. When Purchasing this items you will receive all off the following formats

Download Copper

18. Bronxos

Bronxos - Collage Punk Poster Font

Inspired by the classic music poster back in the 90s using the letters that collaged from magazines and newspapers. We came up by the Bronxos, a compilation of variation fonts packed into one as a collage concept just like how you cut the magazine to make a poster back in the day.

Download Bronxos

19. Neon 80s

Neon 80s font

This font has a great retro-yet-modern feel that is slightly reminiscent of the dawning of the digital awareness age of the 1980s that gave a slight nod to the mid-20th century neon craze. It can be ideal for retro-themed events & promotions, health & cosmetic lines, or wherever you may need a sleek, minimalistic rounded style of lettering.

Download. Neon 80s

20. Village Stylish

Village Stylish font

The Village Stylish is special designed for retro look, bringing back us to 80s/90s. Offering all the basic styles you will need for a successful project.

Download Village Stylish

21. Surfside

Surfside font

The author writes “these are the letters I doodled in the margins of my high school notebooks. As it turns out, a man named Milt Glaser doodled them first. He doodled a lot of other amazing things too.”

Download Surfside

22. Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm font

Introducing Thunderstorm typeface. A hand-made brush typeface inspired by 80s & 90s music, retro, disco, grunge, and pop culture.

Download Thunderstorm

23. 80s PXL

80s PXL font

80s PXL is a computer font designed to emulate computer terminals from the early 80s.

Outline and thin can be stacked in applications supporting layers.

During the creation of this typeface, many factors influencing its final design were very inspiring, from remembering the movie “War Games” to the computer terminal fonts seen on VIC-20s and Commodore 64s.

It has a nice, round dot matrix feel with actual round dots instead of blocks.

Download 80s PXL

24. Hello Jones

Hello Jones font

Hello Jones is a unique Vintage Sans font. It can easily be matched to an incredibly large set of projects, so add it to your creative ideas and notice how it makes them stand out!

Download Hello Jones

25. Dellucion

Dellucion font

“Dellucion” typeface powered with 90 ligatures to bring fluent looks combination.

Download Dellucion

26. Base 900 Sans

Base 900 Sans font

Base 900 Sans was designed by Zuzana Licko and published by Emigre. Base 900 Sans contains 10 styles and family package options.

Download Base 900 Sans

27. Astrovans

Astrovans font

Astrovans Serif font is perfect for your up coming projects. Such as logo branding, adventure, jungle / wild, custom motorcycle / car, vintage industrial, summer holiday branding, editorial design, stationery design, blog design, modern advertising design, card invitation, art quote, home decor, book/cover title, special events, classic automotive and any hand lettering classic / vintage typography design projects.

Download Astrovans

28. Culoare v.2

Culoare v.2 font

Introducing Culoare V2.0 is the second version of the space bright color gradient font. (The first version is here – Culoare) This is a new set with completely new color combinations, bright and saturated like neon. 3 types of stylization in 9 different color gradient combinations with soft transitions. Letters seem to be backlit and it looks very original in addition to stylish minimalist glyphs. Lots of design use cases. Ideal for promotional illustrations, headlines and covers.

Download Culoare v.2

29. Janger

janger font

Janger features a reverse contrast style with a retro and psychedelic look that’s simply ideal for design such as posters, t-shirts, branding, logo and many more

Download Janger

30. Starlit Drive

Starlit Drive font

Get your aviators on and hit the road with Starlit Drive – a fast paced, stylish signature font with a retro edge. With swift strokes and authentic dry textures, it’s an irresistibly charismatic & confident font choice for a range of design projects.

Download Starlit Drive

31. Strong Girls – Layered Serif Font

Strong Girls font

Strong Girls is a layered serif font that have 4 total font including regular, outline, extrude and long extrude. Like other layered font, you can stack all the style in the text so the design will looks 3D. You can use this font for any purpose like poster, sticker, vintage design, or anything. This font also support multi language.

Download Strong Girls

32. Hot Rush 

Hot Rush font

Prepare yourself for a wild retro ride with Hot Rush – 80s nostalgia is about hit you harder than a DeLorean at 88 miles per hour. This Sans & Script font duo were simply meant to be together; the unmistakeable clean & condensed sans is complimented perfectly by the long, fast, textured strokes of the script. It’s the ideal font pairing for retro-inspired high impact display text, merchandise design, logos, packaging & more.

Download Hot Rush 

33. Benoa Font

Benoa Font

Benoa is a versatile font family for your design, consist of 6 weights from thin to black with dozens of alternates.

Download Benoa Font

34. Kooka

Kooka font

Kooka inspired by groovy retro style, this unique and Cool vintage display family is perfect to combine with any sans serif font.

Download Kooka

35. Neonblitz

Neonblitz font

Introducing Neon Font called Neonblitz A unique Fonts with Retro Style can make your logotype become more interesting. inspired by real world neon light signs, it features minimal letter forms with smooth rounded corners and, true to real neon tubes, strictly uses lines with open start and end points. This font is perfect for adding your own glowing light effects or can be used to actually design real world neon signs.

Download Neonblitz

36. Alkaria

Alkaria font

Please welcome, Alkaria. Fun and casual vintage retro decorative font. The definition of real versatility and flexibility. You can rock on both vibes, retro and modern by using a single font. Yes, just like your favourite day-to-day sneakers.

Download Alkaria

37. Script Font

Script Font

De Latto Classic is a Script font with the vibe of Vintage Style. It is perfect for Vintage brand, Retro, Classic, Fashion, artist, blogging, social media, Lifestyle, Chocolate products, Coffee Products, Cake, movie poster and more.

Download Script Font

38. Vaporfuturism

Vaporfuturism font

This pack contains Vaporfuturism trendy Vaporwave, Synthwave, Retrowave Styled Color OpenType Font in .OTF file format with lower-case and numbers (Adobe Illustrator 2018+). Also this pack contains 4 additional vaporwave backgrounds + 2 sample flyers. Each letter and number also introduced in big size PNG with transparency and PSD formats.

Download Vaporfuturism

39. Arcade Machine 80’s Retro Font

Arcade Machine 80's Retro Font

The author says “as a kid born in the 80’s. Knight riders, miami vice, arcade gaming machines, and the generation of video game console are very memorable thing! That’s what inspired me to make this font”

Download Arcade Machine 80’s Retro Font

40. Sendha Techno Display Font

Sendha font

Sendha is a techno display font that may not be familiar to the eye, and this may be due to the unique and blazing design of the font. The font features a 3D design which makes it the perfect display font for catching a user’s attention, and ultimately opening the audience to new possibilities. Whether for use in esport, creating a music cover, or even creating a magazine cover. Sendha is the perfect choice for captivating the audience and creating a sense of happiness and brightness.

Download Sendha