30 Girly Fonts to Add a Lovely and Cute Vibe to your Design

Every girly font is specifically designed for its intended purpose. And if you desire to create a feminine and bright design then you absolutely must have some girly fonts to help you with your project. They will certainly be a very useful tool for any serious designer.

Handwritten fonts have been around for centuries and they are still a widely used design element. Handwritten masterbundles, however, have seen a recent resurgence in popularity due to the rise of online business. One reason for this may be because many designers now have their own online businesses and rely heavily on online business as a means to generate income. The advent of masterbundles and the accompanying scripts has opened new doors for online businesses and as a result, the availability of these type of handcrafted designs has greatly increased.

Script fonts are becoming increasingly popular as well, with both male and female users. Because they are a bit stronger, they provide a more distinguished and powerful feel to written text. These types of girly fonts are usually used in more formal design projects, although there are always exceptions. It’s always important to take into consideration the overall theme or message that you are trying to convey through your chosen font. Always take into account the ultimate goal for your finished product.

Cute Girly Fonts

1. Girly

Girly font

Girly – is a Lovely Script Calligraphy font with a natural handwritten feel. It has sweety swash that are perfect for any creative design. This handmade font will make your design has a beautiful natural touch for each details. It is perfect for any design project as Invitation,logo, book cover, craft or any design purposes.

Download Girly

2. Girly Love

Girly Love font

Girly Love is modern handwritten script with dancing up and down the baseline, and comes with lovely alternates. It works perfectly for logos, fashion, stationery, letterpress, magazines, menus, books, invitations, wedding and greeting cards, packaging, labels, apparel, marketing and more.

Download Girly Love

3. Girly Style

Girly Style font

Girly Style is a beautiful and simple handwriting script font, contemporary and fashionable, Girly Style looks elegant for a wide variety of designs. This elegant font can be read and looks good as a title or body text. This font will be perfect for many different designs for magazine headlines, social media, branding, wedding invitations, cards, etc.

Download Girly Style

4. Girly Moods

Girly Moods font

Girly Moods is a cute handwritten script with a feminine touch.

Download Girly Moods

5. Brownie Girly 

Brownie Girly font

The elegant and cute Brownie Girly font was inspired by children’s handwriting and is very suitable for book covers, magazine covers, packaging products, birthday gifts, and more.

Download Brownie Girly 

6. Girly Minnie – Girly Handwritten Font

Girly Minnie font

Chic and attractive, and having an outgoing personalities. Girly Minnie will emphasize the cuteness and chic girly vibe that you want to have on your design.

Download Girly Minnie

7. Hello Girly

Hello Girly font

Hello Girly is the perfect font for all your fun designs. The main font file is equipped with ordinary characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ligature), as well as more than 300+ glyphs to support most Latin-based languages.

Download Hello Girly

8. Girly Dreams

Girly Dreams font

Girly Dreams is a cute and casual handwritten font with an incredibly friendly feel. Whether you’re looking for fonts for Instagram or calligraphy scripts for DIY projects, Girly Dreams will turn any creative idea into a true piece of art!

Download Girly Dreams

9. Girly Heart Script

Girly Heart Script font

Girly Heart Script: A sweet hand lettered font, casual and dynamic with a dancing baseline. Also available Platipus Sans & Ornaments to help you mix and match it to fit your creative work in harmony. All this to add an authentic touch to your designs. Girly Heart Script is perfect for Branding, Logos, Greeting Cards, Wedding Stationery, Quotes etc.

Download Girly Heart Script

10. Larman – girly font

Larman - girly font

It’s all fun and happy vibe with LARMAN being use in your project. Cute and still have clear read-ability in their shape.

Suit perfectly for Girly teen market audiences, poster, movie title, chic restaurant/ cafe menu, magazine, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers and so on…

Download Larman

11. Girly Night

Girly Night font

Girly Night is a modern calligraphy design, including Regular. This font is casual and beautiful with swash. Can be used for various purposes. such as logos, product packaging, wedding invitations, branding, headlines, signage, labels, signatures, book covers, posters, quotes, and more.

Download Girly Night

12. Rindy – Girly Handwritten Font

Rindy - Girly Handwritten Font

Rindy is a Girly Handwritten Font that’s perfect for Subtitle, Signature or Branding. This font specially crafted for your design projects such as logo, banner, flyer, website design, product packaging, merchandise, pillow print and so many more with easy to use but standing out results are so amazing.

Download Rindy – Girly Handwritten Font

13. Silly Girls

Silly Girls font

Silly Girls is a Monoline font.

This font describes about girly, feminist, dynamic, easy to use and easy to use and will bring a good harmony when the letters are connected and paired each other.

Download Silly Girls

14. Butterfree Girly Script Font

Butterfree Girly Script Font

Introducing Butterfree Girly Script Font. This perfect for the purposes of designing templates, brochures, videos, advertising branding, logos and more.

Download Butterfree Girly Script Font

15. Hey Girl

Hey Girl font

Hey Girl is a fun, brush font with a a bouncy baseline. This playful font will give your designs that fresh, modern feel to it and will look lovely on quotes, cards, logo’s and all your other lovely projects. Hey Girl has nice smooth lines which makes it perfect for crafters and cutting machines.

Download Hey Girl

16. Dear Sunshine – Girly Font

Dear Sunshine - Girly Font

Chic and attractive, and having an outgoing personalities. Dear Sunshine will emphasize the cuteness and chic girly vibe that you want to have on your design.

Download Dear Sunshine – Girly Font

17. Gorgeous Girl

Gorgeous Girl font

Script font created with sweet and sweet hand strokes, with subtle touches and dramatic curves making this font unique.

This bold calligraphy font is designed with a relaxed but elegant background, while still paying attention to the beauty of each letter, there are alternate options for lowercase letters, so that it automatically beautifies the visual appearance in your design project. besides that, this font also offers harmoniously beautiful abstract typography for your various design projects.

Download Gorgeous Girl

18. Almeida Girly Script Font

Almeida Girly Script Font

Almeida inspired by modern script style this font is a fun theme very good for display, tshirt design, craft, quote sign, logotype and etc

Download Almeida Girly Script Font

19. Girl Script

Girl Script font

Pretty & feminine, with a large dose of cheek.

Download Girl Script

20. Girly Feminine Script Font

Girly Feminine Script Font

A girly script font with an imperfect touch but with a clean finish that makes it great for any project.

Download Girly Feminine Script Font

21. Crafty Girls Pro

Crafty Girls Pro font

Inspired by crochet hooks, yarn, grandma’s button box, thread, glitter and crafty girls hands everywhere! This delightfully playful casual handwriting script font was hand drawn by the Tart Workshop’s own resident lettering artist and crafty guru Crystal Kluge and makes the perfect compliment to all your projects! Use it in your very best creative projects, then blog about them in the same font!

Download Crafty Girls Pro

22. Matchbook – Girly Script Font

Matchbook - Girly Script Font

Matchbook – Girly Script Font that has a distinctive character that is very thick and elegant to use

Matchbook is a relaxed and flowing Handwritten Font. Incredibly versatile, this font fits a wide pool of designs, elevating them to the highest levels. Add this font to your favorite creative ideas and notice how it makes them come alive!

Download Matchbook – Girly Script Font

23. Saloon Girl

saloon girl font

Bramble is a lively organic font that draws reference from Roman characters rather than Italic forms. Use Regular for small point-size setting to retain legibility. For invigorating display settings try combining Regular and Wild. Warning: you may become attached to Bramble!

Download Saloon Girl

24. Priscilla – Cute Girly Font

Priscilla - Cute Girly Font

Chic and attractive, and having an outgoing personalities. Priscilla will emphasize the cuteness and chic girly vibe that you want to have on your design.

Download Priscilla – Cute Girly Font

25. Chic Hand

Chic Hand font

Handwriting letters with ligatures. This Chic Hand is characterized by its warm, girly and cute touch.

Download Chic Hand

26. KG You Wont Bring Me Down

KG You Wont Bring Me Down

This handwriting has a fun style with connected letters and a slightly girly flair.

Download KG You Wont Bring Me Down

27. Strong Girls

Strong Girls font

Strong Girls is a layered serif font that have 4 total font including regular, outline, extrude and long extrude. Like other layered font, you can stack all the style in the text so the design will looks 3D. You can use this font for any purpose like poster, sticker, vintage design, or anything. This font also support multi language.

Download Strong Girls

28. Daisy Girl

Daisy Girl font

Daisy Girl is a flowing handwritten font, described by an elegant touch, perfect for your favorite projects.

Fall in love with its incredibly distinct and timeless style and use it to create spectacular designs!

Download Daisy Girl

29. Lonely Girl

Lonely Girl font

The author writes: Sometimes, just one font style is not too optimal. With this font, I present a unique and cheerful font with three styles for you. Easy and fast to use in design projects such as accessories, book covers, crafts, logos, birthday greetings, backgrounds behind, quotes, unique packaging designs, and much more that you can explore. See some of the previews above for reference.

Download Lonely Girl

30. Best Girl

Best Girl font

Best Girl is a Cute and Lovely script font. Designed this font with a mix of outline and modern script styles. it is suitable for display fonts. equipped with alternative letters for beginning and ending. and also “stylistic alternates” which makes this letter very beautiful and attractive.

Download Best Girl