30 Fat Fonts Full of Character

Fat Fonts are the best type of fonts to use if you want your text to stand out. It’s designed especially to create an eye-catching design that catches the attention of your readers immediately. With the help of Fat Fonts, you can use a variety of graphic designs such as icons, buttons, badges, check boxes, text, clip arts, etc. to create appealing fonts.

A number of people use Fat Fonts to create unique logos and letterheads because of the fact that they come in both versions: a full-fat version for print and a sans serif version for online design. They are created by professionals who create them for clients who require professional design at a very affordable price. The sans serif font is mostly used for printing documents while the full fat font is perfect for creating letterhead, logo, brochures and corporate reports.

Fat Bold Fonts

1. Norman Fat

Norman Fat font

Get to know Norman Fat a new version of our best seller Norman, elegant and fashion forward. This new condensed high contrast and heavy weight serif font is based on expansion giving a sense of self confidence. The oblique ax was specially added to get a contemporary and innovative sense.

Download Norman Fat

2. Sleepy Fat Cat

Sleepy Fat Cat font

Introducing Sleepy Fat Cat typeface. A hand-made lettering, inspired by cute fat cat character.

Do you know a fat cat? Perhaps you have a fat cat of your own that watches you while you design? Maybe you don’t even like cats! Whatever the case, you’ll love this font! An almost childish look with bonus kitty graphics!

This doodle bold typeface can create some fun & playful character on your design. This typeface come with uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, numbers, alternate and an extra character.

Download Sleepy Fat Cat

3. Fat Kitty Kat

Fat Kitty Kat font

Fat Kitty Kat is a hand made, rather bouncy and happy font. It was thought up, drawn and vectorized during an unusually long rainy period in a small Porto hotel room. Kitty Kat’s glyphs are rather rough,

Download Fat Kitty Kat

4. Fat Pleasure

Fat Pleasure font

Fat Pleasure is extremely wide serif typeface inspired by the modern consume society and is suitable for posters, magazines, massive headlines (also for a web presentation) and so on. For dynamic of ultra hairy and massive fat strokes is not suitable for comprehensive text. Fat Pleasure is also inspired and constructed in the sense of modern type design. Even though Fat Pleasure is pure and clean serif font is very catchy a fresh.

Download Fat Pleasure

5. Fat Unicorn

Fat Unicorn font

The Fat Unicorn is a fun bold Script font, fresh & modern style. Fat Unicorn Font suitable for logo, branding, greeting card, poster and any design that you create.

Download Fat Unicorn

6. Fat Sam

Fat Sam font

Bold, bumbling, heavy and wimpy all at the same time! It’s Fat Sam with it’s bulbous curves and timid serifs which make for big fun!

Download Fat Sam

7. Kitty Fat – Outline

Kitty Fat - Outline font

Kitty Fat is new handwritten bold font made with large brush pen, Outlined version of kitty fat font. Bold, smooth and Outline font perfectly fits for kids and cartoon projects.

Download Kitty Fat – Outline

8. Cuckoo Fat

Cuckoo Fat font

Cuckoo Fat was first seen in 1988 when I painted it on a record shop’s window. Since then this hand lettered font has been there and done that.

Cuckoo Fat is a loud and proud, classic and informal display font designed to work well on any job.

Download Cuckoo Fat

9. Kitty Fat – Stripes

Kitty Fat - Stripes

Kitty Fat is new handwritten bold font made with large brush pen and Striped version of kitty fat font. Bold, smooth and striped font perfectly fits for kids and cartoon projects.

Download Kitty Fat – Stripes

10. Fat Ink

Fat Ink font

This handwritten font is as juicy as the strokes from a fat marker!

Unpredictable but harmonious, the lines and shapes give this font a fun, funky vibe.

Download Fat Ink

11. RNS Obesa Fat

RNS Obesa Fat font

RNS Obesa Fat it’s a display fat font, plumper and chubby with a minimal counterpunch to achieve a black color for heavy compositions, completely full of curves and expressive sharp vertices makes it the perfect companion to poster design. A playful strong personality with attractive curves.

Download RNS Obesa Fat

12. Fat Times

Fat Times font

FatTimes is an extension to my HardTimes family. Times are too hard for boring typefaces, so try the fat one one for a change.

Download Fat Times font

13. Prabo Fat font

Prabo Fat font

Superfat bold font.

Download Prabo Fat font



A display font that allows you to »Kleckern und Klotzen« (modified German proverb »to not take half-measures«) The fat and square character to the font, a bold and loud statement. The motto is square, practical, fat. The font styles ranging from high-contrast line difference “beanpole” over mediocrity “slim” to the fattest and blackest “okay” style. A font with humor ^^


15. Big Fat Brush Font

Big Fat Brush Font

Big Fat artistic bold brush multipurpose script font , suitable for many project children book, quotes, logo , heading , title etc.

Download Big Fat Brush Font

16. Fat Nib

 Fat Nib font

This hand drawn calligraphy font was made with a wide nib pen. It is all cap with different glyphs for the upper and lower case letters for mixing and matching. The Splatter family comes with extra splatter glyphs. Great for use when you need some added punch in a headline or callout.

Download Fat Nib

17. Fat Rhino

Fat Rhino font

A heavyweight playful typeface with a children’s comic feel.

Download Fat Rhino

18. Fat Freddie

Fat Freddie font

A bold, playful typeface.

Download Fat Freddie

19. Blogh

Blogh font

Blogh is fat and quirky display font. Its heavy weight and sturdy letterforms with characterized by extreme artificial inktrap, make it uniquely perfect for headlines and titles.

Download Blogh font

20. LHF Fat Cat

LHF Fat Cat font

Inspired by Alf Becker’s Rounded Block letterstyle. Nice 30’s/40’s era appeal.

Download LHF Fat Cat

21. Kitty Fat – Handwritten Font

Kitty Fat - Handwritten Font

Kitty Fat is new handwritten bold font made with large brush pen. Bold and smooth fonts perfectly fits for kids and cartoon projects.

Download Kitty Fat – Handwritten Font

22. Fat Marker

Fat Marker font

A rough and ready typeface created from a series of doodles that comes in uppercase only.

Download Fat Marker

23. Fat Day

Fat Day font

Fat Dayt is a font created with handwrittens style and to fit to use as logo or branding project. It features a unique style and will add a friendly feel to your upcoming projects. Get inspired by its unique feel and use it to create food logo, product packaging or posters and many more!

Download Fat Day

24. Fat Sally

Fat Sally font

FatSally is written with a broad felt-tip marker, scanned and finished by hand on screen, taking care to emphasize the typical “marker” feeling.

Download Fat Sally

25. Fat Face

Fat Face font

Fat Face was published by URW Type Foundry. Fat Face contains 1 style.

Download Fat Face

26. Fat Albert BT

Fat Albert BT font

Ray Cruz releases another typeface family, this time inspired by 1970’s pop culture. Fat Albert Regular, Outline and Shadow are bold poster types that evoke the fun and funk of an era gone by. Go on bro, get Fat Albert and get down.

Download Fat Albert BT

27. Fat Font Grotesk

Fat Font Grotesk font

A naive grotesque font.

Download Fat Font Grotesk

28. Funky Fat Jiggly PW

Funky Fat Jiggly PW

Funky Fat Jiggly PW is intended and suitable for Display use and Titles. It’s not very suitable for long paragraphs of text.

This font is meant for fun, fun, fun! It contains the basic characters. Uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and basic punctuation. See the character map for all of the included characters.

Download Funky Fat Jiggly PW

29. Talking Cat

Talking Cat font

There is no such thing as a talking cat, however, you can often find these in adventures, movies and other stories. At least, now you can have your own font called “Talking Cat”, and perhaps even your cat will like it! Mine did!

Download Talking Cat

30. Fatz

Fatz font

Fatz is the perfect font for all your fun designs. The main font file is equipped with ordinary characters. Everything is made with the bold and smooth brush, and everything is the same size as Hello Balls, so you can be sure they will work well together! It is suitable for you to use in making t-shirt design, quote, label, packaging, logo type, or long writing. Because we have compiled kerning and matrices that are tailored to your needs.

Download Fatz

31. Quinella

Quinella font

Plumper than a misguided Z-lister’s dodgy lip job, this is Quinella, named after the cheffy scoops of ice cream and the like, quinelles. It’s a cute, fat script with a seventies vibe but a personality all of its own. It’s non-connecting in the usual sense, but the letters overlap to make the white space as tiny as possible. Ligatures (standard and discretionary) make smoother solutions for quite a few pairs and trios, and every upper case letter has a more exuberant swash alternate. The contextual alternates feature substitutes in an alternate t for a better fit with certain letters.

Download Quinella

32. Food Truck

Food Truck font

Food Truck package consists of a fat headline font, a couple of outlined fonts, a great chalkboard font, a rather messy script font and a whole bunch of food-related doodles.

Download Food Truck