30 Hip Hop Fonts to Make a Statement

There are several different categories of Hip Hop fonts, such as Doggy script typeface, Slimline typeface, Old Typeface and many more. These are created using different sets of character sets, which include faces, numbers, special effects, fractions and much more

Hip hop fonts or raps fonts are called urban graffiti lettering styles. Well, they don’t really look as cool, messy, and courageous as that, but who says you need to look stylish and brave? That is not the point! These fonts convey a message that is meant to be shared with other people in a friendly and creative manner, not through some stiff and formal “I don’t-know-what-you-want” stare that might make you look silly. Instead hip hop fonts are loud, raw, expressive, and always mean “yo!” Hip hop fonts are, like everything else, just words. They can be funny, rude, serious, and everything in between.

Hip hop fonts or raps fonts as they are also known are usually known as the graffiti fonts. Well, this is how they appear visually, just like crazy, tough, messy, bold, and totally cool. A hip hop font will have the ability to grab the attention of the audience and stay long in their minds. If used effectively, it will help you to become an overnight success. So, grab your font now!

Hip Hop Graffiti Fonts

1. Hip Flask

Hip Flask font

Hip Flask was designed by Richard Starkings, John Roshell and published by Comicraft.

Download Hip Flask

2.  Bunny Hop

Bunny Hop font

Bunny Hop – funny playful bold typeface.

Will not leave you indifferent, thanks to its brave forms. It is great for creating your project, it can be used to create beautiful inscriptions on t-shirts, children’s books, branding, book covers, stationery, marketing, color, toy branding, a blog, magazines and much more.

Download Bunny Hop

3. Hip Slop

Hip Slop font

Inspired by field research of marker graffiti in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon, Hip Slop is an urban all-caps typeface with a serendipitous edge. Includes over 60 unique characters to accomodate any message worth defacing property for.

Download Hip Slop

4. Allez Hop

Allez Hop font

Allez Hop is a very useful font: it comes with all accents, bells and whistles and has been created using scans of handwritten text. It has a certain ‘quickness’ to it, not unlike someone jotted down a couple of lines on a notepad.

Download Allez Hop

5. Hip-Mob

hip mob font

Hip-Mob was published by IC Fonts. Hip-Mob contains 1 style

Download Hip-Mob

6. Luser Graffiti Bold

Luser Graffiti Bold font

Luser is a font inspired by modern street art works of hip-hop music and graffiti.

Download Luser Graffiti Bold

7. Hip Hopper

Hip Hopper font

An offbeat typeface inspired by the lettering on an art poster by Patrick Owsley for the cartoon character Hoppity Hooper. This typeface goes beyond the basic opentype features you’ve seen (i.e. extended language character sets, stylistic alternate character variations, etc) and offers not only a ligature feature that automatically alternates between the Capitals & Lowercase (Alt Capitals) sets, but also a unique Contextual Alternates feature that enables an automatic alternating BOUNCING effect.

Download Hip Hopper

8. Mideast

Mideast font

Inspired by the Middle East calligraphic shape, crafted into bold and script fonts.

Perfectly fit for Middle East Arabic design, hip hop fashion, logo, branding, push your visual to the edge and get ready to be the trendsetter.

Download Mideast

9. Hip Pop NF

Hip Pop NF font

Type designer Friedrich Poppl is perhaps best known for his classic text faces and elegant scripts, but it seems he had a playful side as well. This frisky face is based on Dynamische Antiqua, which Poppl did for the Stempel foundry in 1960, but which was never released.

Download Hip Pop NF

10. The Noerman

The Noerman font

The Noerman Graffiti Font, Gemstone inspired by graffiti style with a fun theme, is perfect for graffiti posters, Hip Hop music, children’s posters, flyers, children’s books, cartoons, comics etc.

Download The Noerman

11. Hop Serif Hand Lettering

Hop Serif Hand Lettering font

This font family is all authentically hand drawn from pencil and paper to the digital screen and is perfect to include on designs for apparel such as mugs, t-shirts, bags, notebooks, inspirational quotes for the home and office, and more. Each font is multi-lingual too!

Download Hop Serif Hand Lettering

12. Bembies – Graffiti Font

Bembies - Graffiti Font

Introducing of our new product the name is Bembies Graffiti Font. Bembies inspired by graffiti style with a fun theme very good for graffity poster, Hip Hop music, kids poster, flyer, childrenbook, cartoon, comic etc

Download Bembies – Graffiti Font

13. Chip Dip

Chip Dip font

A simple and uneven handmade brush seriffed font. Great for that extra dip your handmade looking designs need!

Download Chip Dip

14. Burnts Maker

Burnts Maker font

Burnts Marker born from vandals, boomber, street art, fast technique about writing, hip-hop, gravity, very suitable for Music promotion, cover Album, promotion, Gigs or anything else. Burnts marker come with Tagging style, you could make like D.I.Y maker personally

Download Burnts Maker

15. Tip Top Pro

Tip Top Pro font

TipTop Pro’s origin goes back to around 1900 when the font was released by the German foundry Julius Klinkhardt in Leipzig. Ralph M. Unger redesigned this beautiful art nouveau typeface, extended its character set and digitally remastered it.

Download Tip Top Pro

16. Madison Street – graffiti font

Madison Street - graffiti font

Empty the can, spray it on the wall, along the Madison Street

Suit perfectly for hip-hop, rebelious and extreme sport segmented magazine, poster, movie title, music poster, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers and so on…

Download Madison Street – graffiti font

17. Fillings Urban

Fillings Urban font

The graffiti style that is favored by young people. Comes in 2 styles (Regular & Outline). Can be applied to clothing design, crafts, posters, hip hop music, children’s book covers, comics, cartoons etc.

Download Fillings Urban

18. Demon Say Hi

Demon Say Hi font

 Inspired by Street Tagging, graffiti style with a fun theme very good for graffiti poster, Hip Hop music, kids poster, flyer, childrenbook, cartoon, comic etc

Download Demon Say Hi

19. VIP

VIP font

VIP is a humanist sans serif uppercase and figures combined with a freshly redrawn revival of the classic Constanze initials originally designed by Joachim Romann for Stempel in 1956.

Download VIP

20. Minority

Minority font

Hand painted script inspired by condensed typeface and hand lettering typography. Combine with street art, graffiti, grunge, pop culture, & 90s nuance.

Download Minority

21. Fonton

Fonton font

“Fonton” is a contemporary and modern bigger display font, inspired on bigger ton barrel shape, designed as posters font, with very soft curves drawing each stroke, The project regards 2 weight sizes, regular & small. Is useful in poster but also in covers and headings, letterhead, magazines, POP & Graphic culture, hip-hop topics, urban representations, and big sizes prints, Volumetric 3D shapes, etc.

Download Fonton

22. INSANITY – Graffiti font

INSANITY - Graffiti font

It bring the sane out of us. Sometimes, we need to be on the chaotic side to express the inner wildness we have, and show the world about the INSANITY.

Download INSANITY – Graffiti font

23. Minnesota Plaid

Minnesota Plaid font

Minnesota Plaid is the baddest plaid ever! It may not be the choice pattern for golfers’ slacks or bagpipers’ kilts, but it has a City-like flavor with its own twist, a stylish ruggedness & toughness that could even be described as a sort of formal graffiti, thanks to the art deco swash of many of its strokes. It’s the kind of look that would be perfectly at home with hip hop or rap music, football and other sports, cars and trucks, power tools, and other manly, masculine usages. Of course, women are just as capable of having the aforementioned interests, too. Minnesota Plaid is the kind of font that can get stuck on you!

Download Minnesota Plaid

24. Tribal Font

tribal font

 New combination Blackletter with Script style.

Download Tribal Font

25. HiH Large

HiH Large font

HiH Large is another “Hey, Look at me” font, somewhat similar to our Shout, but with rounded corners. As a result it is softer and friendlier than Shout. It is appropriate to similar applications requiring an attention-getting font, such as posters, flyers and ads.

Download HiH Large

26. Hope Sans

Hope Sans font

Hope Sans™ takes the jaunty style of 1950s and 60s lettering and melds it with the jubilant 1970s swashes of Bookman. The result is a sans serif family that is lively, inviting and deeply customizable. Its basic sans serif forms create engaging text, while a roaring collection of swash designs, alternate characters and ligatures make it a natural for attention-grabbing display typography.

Download Hope Sans

27. Hot Rush

Hot Rush font

Prepare yourself for a wild retro ride with Hot Rush – 80s nostalgia is about hit you harder than a DeLorean at 88 miles per hour. This Sans & Script font duo were simply meant to be together; the unmistakeable clean & condensed sans is complimented perfectly by the long, fast, textured strokes of the script. It’s the ideal font pairing for retro-inspired high impact display text, merchandise design, logos, packaging & more.

Download Hot Rush

28. Bomber Squad

Bomber Squad font

Introducing of our new product the name is Bomber Squad Graffiti Font inspired by graffiti style with a fun theme very good for graffity poster, Hip Hop music, kids poster, flyer, childrenbook, cartoon, comic etc

Download Bomber Squad

29. Bubble Boom

Bubble Boom font

Bubble Boom is inspired by graffiti, and fits well for themes such as graffiti posters, Hip Hop music, kids posters, flyers, children books, cartoons, comics, and more.

Download Bubble Boom

30. Hot Script

Hot Script font

Hot Script follows some rules of the flat brush (see terminals, and tails especially in caps) but its contrast of thicks and thins was manually altered to make the font better for a wider range of uses.