40 Line Fonts – Single, Double and More

Single line fonts are for just single lines of text. This type of fonts was popularized in the era of calligraphy. People started to use this kind of fonts to write simple words like name, address, phone number and others. The thing with single line fonts is that they are usually quite legible, even though they have very limited variations. Most of the scripts used in this type of fonts are the Latin Extended Fonts which was designed by the Romans.

Another version of single line fonts are the Roman font bundles. These font bundles were inspired by the Roman alphabet used in ancient Greece. The advantage with these types of fonts is that they have a great legibility and give a nice aesthetic appeal to the letters. The disadvantage with using this type of fonts is that they don’t follow any specific standard and so may vary according to the weight and width of the paper.

The most common type of fonts used in computer printing is the duo line fonts. These types of fonts come in sets of two or three horizontal lines. These are usually used to highlight important text or images on the page. Foil quill fonts are used in this kind of set to give it a more appealing look because foil always looks neat and professional.

Line Fonts

1. Naive Line

Naive Line font

This font is part of our Naïve superfamily that contains lot of variations: Line, Inline, Serif, Sans Serif, and a special Art Deco one. Just click on our foundry name to see them all!

Download Naive Line

2. Straight Line

Straight Line font

Straight Line is essentially an outline Modern, but drawn without any curves whatsoever. Thin horizontals and thick verticals provide the classic look of a Didone, updated and enhanced by clean, minimalist geometry.

In addition to the Straight Line font itself, the package includes Straight Line Solid with matching spacing and kerning. The Solid font can be used solo, or layered with the outline font to provide a colour background.

Straight Line is an excellent display face for contemporary, eye-catching headings and sub-headings, and the fonts contain a full complement of Latin Extended-A characters.

Download Straight Line

3. One Thin Line

One Thin Line font

Introducing a simple minimalistic font named “One Thin Line”. Because almost all letters and characters are made of one line.

Download One Thin Line

4. Lace Line

Lace Line font

Hi, I’m the Lace line font!

I’m drawn by hand. Each of my letters is a curved lace! I will perfectly fit sports design either it is a print, a sports team logo, or even the score of the match.

Download Lace Line

5. Youth Line

Youth Line font

Youth Line is a sweet and delicate handwritten font. Dainty and joyful, this font will be ideal for writing wedding invitations, cards, or any other design that may need a romantic, personalized touch! This font is PUA encoded which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease!

Download Youth Line

6. Burford Line

Burford Line font

Burford Pro package comes with all 18 layering fonts including 5 base layers, 3 top layers, 5 bottom layers and 2 sets of graphic elements. They are strategically made to build on top of each other, creating a cohesive and easy to use layer-based family. Each font also comes with a set of Stylistic Alternatives for letters A C E F G H P Q R. Burford Basic package is created for users who don’t have access to premiere design programs (such as Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, etc) and are unable to use the layering effect. Burford can still be a powerful tool as each font can also be used on its own. It includes every font file not needed for the layering effect. (Include 13 fonts – Burford Basic, Dots, DropShadow, Extras Set A, Extras Set B, Extrude B, Extrude C, Inline, Line, Marquee, Outline, Stripes A and Stripes B).

Download Burford Line

7. Stay Line

Stay Line font

Stay Line is a Monoline Script Typeface, a classic and fun vintage script. Combination with classic & modern style fonts. This font can be used easily, even in mixing and matching with other fonts. So that it can provide alternatives and new sensations for designers or craftsmen, in working on various projects. This font you can use for various purposes. Such as logos, wedding invitations, t-shirts, letterhead, signage, labels, news, posters, badges, etc.Barlington comes with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and so many variations on each character including OpenType alternatives, and multilingual support.

Download Stay Line

8. The Date Line

The Date Line font

The Date Line is a Fun Monoline Script font with a casual look and signature style typeface.

Download The Date Line

9. Black Line

Black Line font

Black Line is a new, very interesting brushed font. Black Line Display can be combined in harmony with Black Line Regular. This font family is perfect for branding projects, logos, product packaging, posters, invitations, greeting cards, news, blogs, everything including personal charm and more.

Download Black Line

10. Line Flat font

Line Flat font

The idea of this text is based on the Line Flat style. This is a unique concise text perfectly with the infographics, Line ICon, Flat design. It is ideal for posters, postcards, labels. In the package you will find 26 icons on the business topic and others. Everything is done in the same style.

Download Line Flat font

11. Ink Line

Ink Line font

Ink Line is a modern font script that gives a unique impression. With ligature, titling, swash, and multi language features, Ink Line is very easy to use in the application of posters, flyers, titles, bloggers, Instagram stories, web banners, etc. Happy Design :)

Download Ink Line

12. Moon Line Script

Moon Line Script font

Introducing Moon Line Script – Line Script Font, beautiful font for crafts, branding, invitations, cloths design and many more.

Download Moon Line Script

13. Bosque Line

Bosque Line font

Bosque Line is a condensed display font that has an attractive appearance that brings you to a modern urban feel. Inspired by the long exposure of tree trunks in forest, Bosque line letters are designed with tall and clean shapes. Alternate and ligature features are available to make your work more attractive. It’s perfect for your projects such as: posters, logos, book covers, social media posts and many more. Thank you!

Download Bosque Line

14. Thin Line Font

Thin Line Font

Thin Line Font is a font based on a single line curve!

Download Thin Line Font

15. America Line

America Line font

The Holland America Line Font comes with uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuations so you can use the Holland America Line font to customize all your designs. The Holland America Line font is designed by Coert De Decker in 2018 and published by Kustomtype Font Foundry.

The Holland America Line Font can be used for all graphic purposes. It is ideal for headtext, posters, logos, logos, letterhead, apparel design, package design, label design etc…

Download America Line

16. Purple Line

Purple Line font

Purple Line is a simple script in five weights.

Download Purple Line

17. Claustyn

Claustyn font

Claustyn | Line Decorative Font with a calligraphy style, So beautiful on invitation like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!

Download Claustyn

18. Nautica Line

Nautica Line font

This fonts family contains 10 fonts, made by different weight of lines.

The Features of this fonts are: Contextual Alternates, Standart ligatures, Stylistic Alternates and Stylistic sets.

Download Nautica Line

19. Adelicius Double Line Font

Adelicius Double Line Font

Adelicius is a Double line type font combined with a rapi so it looks elegant, suitable to support a variety of designs and your business

Download Adelicius Double Line Font

20. Vivala Line

Vivala Line font

Vivala Line is a real italic, and it was inspired by old Polish children’s books with its charming hand drawn lettering titles.

Fields of application are posters, magazines, packaging design, books, corporate design up to consolidating reading.

Download Vivala Line

21. Arrow Lines

Arrow Lines font

Arrow Lines | Playfull Font with a calligraphy style, So beautiful on invitation like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!

Download Arrow Lines

22. Naive Line Sans

Naive Line Sans font

Naïve Line Sans is an unusual handwritten sans serif font designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin in Paris. The goal was to draw a font with finely irregular lines that give a human and whimsical feeling.

Download Naive Line Sans

23. Rainy

Rainy font

Rainy is a delicate sans serif font designed with rounded letters and decorative lines. The font has alternates with or without color. The font looks good both on a light and on a dark background. The font has only capital letters, it works great to make short titles.

Download Rainy

24. Clear Line

Clear Line font

Clear Line was designed by Måns Grebäck and published by Mans Greback. Clear Line contains 1 style.

Download Clear Line

25. Speed Line

Speed Line font

If you are looking for a neat vintage font, Speed Line is a very appropriate choice. It can be applied for various purposes. This font is perfect for logotype, headline, apparels, quotes, posters, labels with vintage and exclusive feels.

Download Speed Line

26. Humsterr – Double Line Font

Humsterr - Double Line Font

Humsterr is a Double line type font combined with a rapi so it looks elegant, suitable to support a variety of designs and your business

Download Humsterr – Double Line Font

27. Double Line Deco JNL

Double Line Deco JNL font

Take a classic hand lettered Art Deco alphabet, add in a treatment of dual straight vertical lines and the resulting typeface is Double Line Deco JNL.

Download Double Line Deco JNL

28. Reficy Double Line Font

Reficy Double Line Font

Reficy is a handwritten double line with a natural flow and beautiful style. Reficy is perfect for invitation design projects, prewedding, branding, logos, wedding designs, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, product design, labels, photography, watermarks, invitations, stationery, and any project that requires handwriting tastes .

Download Reficy Double Line Font

29. Dual Line Deco JNL

Dual Line Deco JNL

Sheet music for the title song from the 1933 Jean Harlow-Clark Gable film “Hold Your Man” has the movie title hand lettered in a dual line sans serif with Art Deco influences.

This is now available as Dual Line Deco, and is available in both regular and oblique versions.

Download Dual Line Deco JNL

30. Forest Line Font Condensed

Forest Line Font Condensed

Forest Line Creative Linear True Type Web Font in Three versions: Light, Regular, Bold

Download Forest Line Font Condensed

31. Red Star Line NF

Red Star Line NF font

A 1926 travel brochure for a steamship line provided the basis for this darkly sparkly spritely font. Smooth curves and an off-center inline treatment gives this typeface a strong architectural feel.

Download Red Star Line NF

32. Horizontal Lines – Color SVG Font

Horizontal Lines

Color or SVG opentype font – working only in Photoshop CC 2017+, Illustrator CC 2018 and some Mac apps!

Download Horizontal Lines

33. Maze Line

Maze Line font

Introducing MAZE LINE – A Unique Display Typeface. Maze Line is a font with square shaped from a line arrangement. MAZE LINE is great for any kind of display purpose from logos, Tshirt, apparel, quote, handwritten quotes, product packaging, tittle header, poster, merchandise, social media, labels, branding & greeting cards.

Download Maze Line

34. Simple Lines – Color SVG Font

Simple Lines - Color SVG Font

Color or SVG opentype font – working only in Photoshop CC 2017+, Illustrator CC 2018 and some Mac apps!

Download Simple Lines – Color SVG Font

35. Playlines

Playlines font

Playlines is a display typeface. Playline is made with firm lines and angles. In addition to being unique and modern, there is an element of fun also in this typeface, so it is very suitable when combined with different types of typefaces. You can play with alternate and ligature, because there are many variations of character combinations in this typeface, and don’t forget to play with color too :). This typeface is great for logos, tittle, headline, tagline, tshirt, handwritten quotes, product packaging, poster, merchandise, social media, labels, branding, greeting cards, etc.

Download Playlines

36. Summer 0f 76 – Multi-Line Font

Summer 0f 76 - Multi-Line Font

Introducing Summer of ’76, a sophisticated multi-line font inspired by the nostalgic 70’s aesthetic. Perfect for big headers, it also can be used for medium and small text blocks. This font could be the perfect solution if you want to give a lovely retro touch to your designs. This font goes in two font styles, multiline and solid, and contains numbers and glyphs.

Download Summer 0f 76 – Multi-Line Font

37. Bridge Line

Bridge Line font

Introducing Bridge Line font. Are you looking for a bold and solid art deco display font that has a vintage geometric feeling?

Download Bridge Line

38. WR13

WR13 font

A long line font in 3 different styles ideal for posters, logos and motion graphics!

Download WR13

39. Fredly

Fredly font

Fredly is a beautiful Script, It suitable for wedding invitation, greeting cards, T-Shirt, Logo or any design that you create.comes with a complete set of standard characters, Alternates, stylistic Alternates, Punctuation & international glyphs

Download Fredly

40. SUNN Line

SUNN Line font

SUNN Line Serif Extended Font comes in two weights – Bold and Regular, it has latin, latin extended, cyrillic letters, upper case and lower case letters.

Download SUNN Line