25 Organic Fonts for Some Natural Goodness

Organic fonts are similar to normal fonts but are designed to be less “cluttered” and have a more natural appearance. There are many advantages to this type of font. It has a more legible look than most serif typefaces and you will see that once the text is enlarged, the text will not appear as a bunch of individual letters.

These fonts have a friendly, natural appearance that is both pleasing to the eye, as well as giving the user a feeling of being a part of the creative team that created the font. With organic design, there is greater control of the exact appearance of the text. This is achieved through the careful use of space, color and white balance, allowing designers to truly define and personalize organic fonts. Other benefits of organic fonts include their sustainability, affordability, accessibility and flexibility, as well as their wide acceptance and usage throughout the industry.

While organic fonts have a handmade, nature-based feel, their physical structure does not differ dramatically from hand-drawn, traditionally-created fonts. As a result, they are very compatible with a wide range of design projects, allowing both designers and typographers to use them in a wide variety of projects. They are available in both standard and premium sizes and can be adapted to include or omit certain characters, depending on the message the designer wishes to convey. However, it is recommended that designers avoid using default fonts for complex projects, as they are often more difficult to customize.

Organic Nature Earthy Fonts

1. Organic

Organic font

Organic was designed to be highly legible and flexible.

Download Organic

2. Organic Tuesday

Organic Tuesday font

Sometimes you need things organised in a neat way. Organic Tuesday has that, but also a will to break free at the same time.

Download Organic Tuesday

3. Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton font

Organic Cotton is a straightforward, friendly and highly legible typeface. The lettering is based on contemporary brush/pen lettering with a little fun and lushness added. It is solid, fluid and organic without being hippie-dippy or whimsical – not that I am opposed to those things. Organic Cotton is well suited for packaging and branding and it comes with a 69 alternates, 28 swashes, and 14 ornaments.

Download Organic Cotton

4. Organic Space 

Organic Space font

Organic Space is about preserving what natural goodness there is left in the world, with its use of curves and space usage. It represents the selection of consumers, which choose organic products instead of the alternative genetically modified version.

Download Organic Space 

5. Organico

Organico font

Organico was created as an organic, hand made font. It is designed to be adaptable and useable across a wide range of markets, brands and disciplines. It has upper and lowercase characters with alternatives for all, as well as all the other glyphs you’d expect. It also utilises a number of opentype features, such as standard and discretionary ligatures, contextual alternates and stylistic sets.

Download Organico

6. Organic Family

Organic Family font

ORGANIC FAMILY FONT can make your design more stunning and more Awesome, a ORGANIC FAMILY FONT have 4 different style Reguler, Slab, Light, Stencil. Perfect for making design: Badges, posters, a variety of quotes, header, logo design, blog headers, all kinds of covers, T-shirts, mugs, etc.Baddest Family includes :

Download Organic Family

7. Avenir

Avenir font

Adrian Frutiger designed Avenir in 1988, after years of having an interest in sans serif typefaces. In an interview with Linotype, he said he felt an obligation to design a linear sans in the tradition of Erbar and Futura, but to also make use of the experience and stylistic developments of the twentieth century.

Download Avenir

8. Pompano – Organic Sans

Pompano - Organic Sans

Pompano is an organic sans serif typeface which is purposely made for headline, display or logotype. This type of font perfectly made to be applied especially in logo, and the other various formal forms such as invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books, greeting / wedding cards, packaging, fashion, make up, stationery, novels, labels or any type of advertising purpose.

Download Pompano – Organic Sans

9. Organica Pro

Organica Pro font

Orgánica Pro, by contrast, proposes a different structure: curvilinear, subtle and sophisticated, beyond the typical «sticks and balls» model. Organic anatomy, in one word; deliberately dynamic and asymmetrical. Over this radically distinct structure, terminals play a characteristic, expressive role that challenges easy classifications: Is this a serif or a sans font? A semi-serif? A semi-sans? For text or display? Modern or ultra-modern? Joke or serious?

Download Organica Pro

10. Reliva – Organic Sans

Reliva - Organic Sans font

Introducing Reliva Organic Sans, This typeface comes with many alternates and ligatures to make this font unique. There are also 6 high quality illustration that comes with this font!

Download Reliva – Organic Sans

11. Larken

Larken font

Designed to reflect nature, it creates a sense of natural softness and expressiveness. Pushed the concept into a usability focused direction, to work as a bold tool and beautiful communicator. Larken variable allows fluid design across 7 weights, italics and major latin based languages. True italics advance the aesthetics, bringing energy and making it suitable for modern design.  

The type family melds organic curves and gentle repetition into powerful and harmonious type. At large point sizes you can appreciate the letter shapes, whilst the same restraint and focus creates an even texture for small point sizes and long reading. 

Download Larken

12. VOLOS organic font

VOLOS organic font

Organic Poster Font. Includes all characters, numbers and punctuation. Hand painted letters Archive includes: TTF OTF SVG woff woff2 pfb tfm dfont ufo

Download VOLOS organic font

13. Waldorfschrift

Waldorfschrift font

In nature there are no right angles, straight lines or complete uniformity, but instead round corners, varying thicknesses and all kinds of variability. This is what the anthroposophical movement created in their buildings, their art, in their music – and also in their lettering.

Download Waldorfschrift

14. Gilhampton – Organic Typeface

Gilhampton - Organic Typeface

Gilhampton is an organic display font that have an organic and quirky characteristic that makes this font looks natural and hand drawn. this font is perfect for people who are looking for design with organic touch. this font is suitable for branding, packaging, headline, quotes, etc.

Download Gilhampton – Organic Typeface

15. Handelson

Handelson font

Handelson is a collection of 6 handmade typefaces with authentic and organic feel. It contains three scripts, one non-connected script and two all caps geometric sans serifs (Block letters). Textures and rough edges are simulating handwritten and printed looks. By combining these fonts you can make diverse typographic solutions and elements with unified style.

Download Handelson

16. Karelle SVG – An Organic Serif

Karelle SVG - An Organic Serif

Karelle is SVG Font with natural feels. Comes with a new format of fonts (SVG) and also with a regular one (OTF). This unique font also included a bunch of alternates. Number, symbol, and another punctuation also included in this fonts. Support multilingual and already PUA encoded! Let this font make your project even more raw and natural!

Download Karelle SVG – An Organic Serif

17. Tazugane Gothic

Tazugane font

Radal is one of the most expected releases for all those who know well the Latin American type scene. Inspired by the capricious and temperamental southern Chile geography and the beauty of its landscapes, Sergio Leiva develops an expressionist typeface with a very humanist feeling. Leiva takes Radal’s Czech and Venetian references a step further by creating an unpredictable mix of forms and proportions which later craft almost to domestication in order to fulfill its purpose of developing an expressionist non disruptive text typeface. Radal looks extremely well balanced in long text settings, at the same time embellishing the page with a scent of calm wilderness. In display use, Radal shines on its irregular nature plenty of unexpected forms and counter forms. The Radal family is composed of 7 styles plus matching italics and a set of over 1400 glyphs (1600 on italics) full of ligatures, alternates, swashes, ornaments, small caps, symbols and a complete arsenal of typographic resources for your delight.

Download Tazugane Gothic

18. Livory

Livory font

Livory is a serif type family of four fonts including small caps, 25 ornaments & 50 ligatures in each style. It was designed by Hannes von Döhren & Livius F. Dietzel between 2005 and 2010. Livory is influenced by the French Renaissance Antiquas from the 16th century.

It has an organic look with a warm touch and was especially developed for long texts. With its melted corners and individual serifs, Livory has also a smooth and handcrafted appearance in display sizes.

Download Livory

19. Authenia

Authenia font

Authenia is a casually and quickly written brush script. Letters are made with brush pen on a paper. Then scanned and carefully drawn into vector format. There is just a right amount of texture left so it looks good in small and big sizes. These elements gives Authenia its organic, authentic and laid-back characteristics.

Download Authenia

20. Tenez

Tenez font

Its origins are rooted in pointed nib calligraphy which can be seen in contemporary Didot and Bodoni inspired typefaces. But Tenez’s shapes are organic (these modern typefaces were originally cut by hand after all) – in fact that was the challenge set from the start: to make a typeface as organic in construction as possible.

Download Tenez

21. Repartee

Repartee font

Handmade with an organic feeling.

Download Repartee

22. Moranga

Moranga font

Moranga is a contemporary, serif, retro-style typeface with a strong personality. Its design is a mixture between Café Brasil’s flowing, organic shapes and elements from 70’s popular fonts such as Cooper and Souvenir.

Download Moranga

23. Chaplet

Chaplet font

Handmade with an organic feeling.

Download Chaplet

24. Madelyn font

Madelyn font

Madelyn is a handwritten script font based on the expression of real handwriting. Amiable and organic, it is perfect if you want to convey individuality and style. It’s written with a calligraphy pen with casual dry strokes and a signature style.

Download Madelyn font

25. Snushane

Snushane font

Another one of those “perfect for a headline that needs an organic and handdrawn look” fonts. Snushane has a lot of character and likes to play with it’s organic typographic muscles.

Download Snushane

26. Koara

Koara font

Koara is a handmade font family inspired by nature. It’s composed of two versions, (rough and wild) and available in the weights, light, regular and bold, with an alternative capital K, linear lowercase and capital numbers. It’s recommended for large titrations, small paragraphs, typographic compositions and logotype, Koara shines on several backgrounds like leafs, jungle, nature images and even organic food.

Download Koara