30 Anime Japanese Fonts that are so Cool

The Anime typeface is used to decal stickers of anime series, which is usually used for wallpapers and other decorative purposes. Used to depict animated movies originating from the rich animation culture of Japan, Anime fonts combines hand-drawn art with detailed, stylized illustrations often found in the background artwork of the anime artists. These fonts are made of compressed fonts, which make it easier for the computer to read, and can be saved on the hard drive. These fonts are scalable, which enables them to fit well on a variety of screen sizes. Another benefit of using these types of fonts is that they are machine-readable.

Anime typeface is created to convey the aesthetic sense of the Japanese animation cartoon with its distinctive style and visual elements. A highly versatile typeface, it can be adapted for various purposes such as letterheads, business cards, posters, etc. Since it conveys a non-judgmental and mature aesthetic sense, it is suitable to convey a message of non-verbal communication. In this aspect, the use of Anime font is an excellent choice to express messages in a non-threatening manner, in contrast to the harsh and aggressive aesthetic messages conveyed by other types of fonts.

The existence of an anime typeface dates back to the early 20th century. It was first used on signs in an attempt to emulate the style of Japanese katakana. This typeface was created for all kinds of signage, including business cards, posters, book covers and other decorative purposes. When the Anime style started to gain popularity amongst the middle class, it was soon adopted by other businesses to advertise their products and services in the same way. The popularity of the anime font eventually extended to industrial and fine arts industries, and now it is used extensively in graphics design projects, web pages and letterheads, and even in computer generated texts.

Anime Cartoon Fonts

1. Animo

Animo font

Animo stands out from the crowd. Animo is surprisingly legible for its outspoken personality. Many of Animo’s small details were crafted to enhance its legibility, while preserving its personality.

Download Animo

2.  Anise Seeds

Anise Seeds font

This vintage font set named Anise Seeds includes two versions — textured rough and smooth clean. This capital decorative typeface is perfect for label design and lettering compositions. West European languages support is available.

Download Anise Seeds

3. ITC Anima

ITC Anima font

ITC Anima was designed by Olivera Stojadinovic and published by ITC. ITC Anima contains 16 styles and family package options.

Download ITC Anima

4. GetaRobo

GetaRobo font

A mechanical typeface influenced by Japanese animation (Anime).

Examples Include: Getter Robo and Gatchaman aka (Battle of the Planets).

Download GetaRobo

5. Shibuya Dancefloor

Shibuya Dancefloor font

Inspired by Rob’s years of living in Japan, Shibuya Dancefloor is an expanded version of an earlier font that we did, adding hiragana and katakana to the mix. It’s perfect for anime artwork, sci-fi lettering or even just making flyers for that party you’re planning down in Roppongi!

Download Shibuya Dancefloor

6. Therestone – Cartoon Display

Therestone - Cartoon Display font

Therestone is a Cartoon Display Font that will make your designs look modern, unique and fun. It’s perfect for labels, quotes, posters, DIY projects, branding, packaging, greeting cards, websites, photos, photography overlays, signs, window art, scrapbooking, tags and so much more!

Download Therestone – Cartoon Display

7. Odaiba Soul

Odaiba Soul font

The second in our Cool Japan series, Odaiba Soul echoes back to some of the futuristic amusement centers and entertainments found on Odaiba Island in Tokyo Bay. Tailored for sci-fi lettering, anime awesomeness or even just making flyers for a day trip across the Rainbow Bridge, this is one to keep in mind!

Download Odaiba Soul

8. The Rush Brelako – Cartoon Font

The Rush Brelako - Cartoon Font

The Rush Brelako is a Handwritten Playfull font carefully created with a touch of Cute.

The Rush Brelako is perfect for : branding projects, Book Cover, logo, wedding designs, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, product designs, label, photography, watermark, invitation, stationery and any projects that need handwriting taste.

Download The Rush Brelako – Cartoon Font

9. Nikona

Nikona font

Nikona is a typographic family composed of eight fonts. The leading thread that typifies this family is its “mutant spirit”; a result of my personal and typographic interpretation of the three robotic laws created by Asimov in 1940, and reflected many times in sci-fi movies, comics and Japanese anime.

Download Nikona

10. Adabra Decorative Cartoon Font

Adabra  Decorative Cartoon Font

Adabra | Decorative Cartoon Font with a kids style, So beautiful on invitation like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!

Download Adabra Decorative Cartoon Font

11. Robofan

Robofan font

Robofan is a vintage Open Type font based on the logo of reconfigurable robots (toys and characters) from the mid 1980s. The typeface was conceived when looking at the author’s own collection of Transformers, he noticed many basic drawing and spacing problems, missing characters, incorrect accent shapes and a lack of proper rhythm in the typeface used in the newest toy’s packaging, mistakes that didn’t happen in the toys back in the 80s. These mistakes were so evident that the author decided to look back at the original lettering from the 80s to capture the original spirit of the Transformers.

Download Robofan

12. Kikyo

Kikyo font

Kikyo a Bold Handwritten Font that will bring you an a “badass” impression.

Download Kikyo

13. Boldi Buddy cartoon font

Boldi Buddy cartoon font

Boldi Buddy is a serif font designed with very thick lines. The funny font has only capital latin letters, it works great to make short titles. The font looks good on both dark and light backgrounds.

Download Boldi Buddy cartoon font

14. Mr. Jenkins

Mr. Jenkins font

Mr. Jenkins is designed to fill the void between the crazy, wacky and reckless comic style fonts, and the standard boring but very readable sans-serif typefaces. It makes for a distinctive bold headline, but is also quite legible at small sizes. It’s just off kilter enough to not take itself too seriously.

Download Mr. Jenkins

15. Royal Kingdom – Cartoon Game Font

Royal Kingdom - Cartoon Game Font

Do you need a font that’s perfect for Game UI projects? Royal Kingdom is the Best One

Royal Kingdom is a Cartoon Game Font, that’s Perfect for Designer are Needs to make a Game UI Design, Cartoon Sketch, or anything with fun feels This font specially crafted for your design projects such as Game UI, Kids banner, poster, flyer, website design, product packaging, merchandise, and so many more with easy to use but standing out results are so playful

Download Royal Kingdom – Cartoon Game Font

16. Kopik

Kopik font

Kopik is a modern hand-drawn script inspired by the 1960’s architectural handwriting style practised by draftsmen. Originated using a Copic 1.0 Multiliner pen, then traced digitally using a stylus and tablet to help reduce imperfections. The result is a simple, readable, monolinear typeface with a marker pen quality suitable for a wide range of written applications.

Download Kopik

17. Rakhisa – cartoon faux arabic font

Rakhisa - cartoon faux arabic font

Rakhisa took the ethnic look of arabic symbol and then, adding some bold and cartoony shape in it. The readability is so good, while keeping it’s middle east vibe, and also huge smile and joy in it. Suit perfectly for website headline, poster, traveling magazine, magazine, children books, kids games, and so on.

Download Rakhisa – cartoon faux arabic font

18. VideoTech

VideoTech font

VideoTech is an 8 font family consisting of 4 weights open and 4 weights closed.

A heavyweight typeface that draws inspiration from loading computer games onto the Commodore 64.

Download VideoTech

19. Tricky Jimmy – Comic Cartoon Font

Tricky Jimmy - Comic Cartoon Font

Tricky Jimmy has a simple fun shape that emphasize the joy and happy feeling in every word it’s written. Suit perfectly for Online Games, poster, movie title, fast food menu, magazine, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers and so on…

Download Tricky Jimmy – Comic Cartoon Font

20. FTY Overkill Condensed

FTY Overkill Condensed font

For logos, signs, posters, headlines, titles and display type of all kinds, when bold, black or heavy are not enough – OVERKILL™! A condensed type collection, Machined™, Hammered™ or Ironclad™ pacify all resistance.

Download FTY Overkill Condensed

21. Kartooni – Cartoon Comic Font

Kartooni - Cartoon Comic Font

It speak for itself. Kartooni bring the classic cartoon feel on the word written.

Suit perfectly for Online Games, poster, movie title, fast food menu, magazine, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers and so on

Download Kartooni – Cartoon Comic Font

22. Zaius

Zaius font

A bold sans serif typeface influenced by Ed Benguiat’s work for the 1968 movie poster for Planet of the Apes.

Download Zaius

23. The Hound – Gaming cartoon font

The Hound - Gaming cartoon font

The Hound is a modern cartoon font that although carry the seriousness and formality of a sans-serif font, but, it still do reflect the fun, cheerful, and happines of a children world.

Suit perfectly for Online Games, poster, movie title, fast food menu, magazine, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers and so on…

Download The Hound – Gaming cartoon font

24. Husky

Husky font

Husky is a sweet and playful handwritten font, clean and a little bit quirky, this font is the perfect fit for crafter and graphic artist to complete their design such as invitation, advertisement, poster, logo, birthday, product sign, and many more!

Download Husky

25. Frisky Puppy – Cartoon Font

Frisky Puppy - Cartoon Font

It has a happy and fun aura all over it. It create happiness. It will put smile in every word written.

Suit perfectly for your doodle illustration font, scribble book, children related projects, t-shirt for kids writing, food and beverage product commercial,a billboard, a catchphrase stickers, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers and so on…

Download Frisky Puppy – Cartoon Font

26. Meoowly


Meoowly is an amazing display font. It is the perfect choice for cat related and anything project! This display font is the perfect choice for making original and outstanding designs. This font is PUA encoded which means you can access all of the cute glyphs with ease! It also features a wealth of including ligatures.

Download Meoowly

27. Boom Boom Cartoon Font

Boom Boom Cartoon Font

Introducing of our new product the name is Boom Boom Cartoon Font Font inspired by cartoon style with a fun theme very good for birthday invitation, kids poster, flyer, childrenbook, cartoon, comic etc

Download Boom Boom Cartoon Font

28. Gendouki

Gendouki font

Gendouki is a wide, futuristic typeface with filament stencil lines inspired by spaceship access panels. Try it as an oversize, low-contrast background elements. Gendouki is also useful as fat techno drop-caps, adding movement to paragraphs.

Download Gendouki

29. Dilo World – Cartoon font

Dilo World - Cartoon font

Dilo World is a bold, all caps font that has cartoon and comic looks in it. Rounded corner and bouncy baseline makes the goofy and friendly feeling more shown in each word written by it. If you need a punchlines on your poster, website header, packaging, t-shirt, and anything that need a shout out, then Dilo World is the answer. Look no further. Happy designing !

Download Dilo World – Cartoon font

30. Gore Regular

Gore is a big & strong display font family that has no curves! It’s great for titles and pairs well with other sans serif and script fonts.

Download Gore Regular