30 Floral Fonts with Fancy Botanical Elegance

Floral fonts usually have letters that resemble actual flowers and plants. In general, however, the bigger the font size, the more appealing it is to the eye and the easier it is for the typist to read. Larger fonts also tend to be easier on people who struggle to read. Fonts that are too small do not create a good aesthetic and can actually make text difficult to read. For this reason, many businesses and companies choose to use only floral fonts when it comes to their signage, marketing, and branding efforts.

Floral fonts are used for a variety of things. For example, if you want to display the logo of your company, then the best option would be to use floral fonts. Floral designs are quite eye-catching and can make logos stand out more. These types of fonts can also be used to display messages. For example, you can use flowers, butterflies, or other flora to display the message “care about us” or “support our troops.” Many companies also display their mission and goals in flower fonts, making it easier for their customers and clients to understand what the company is all about.

One important thing to keep in mind when using floral typeface is that it should always be in a lowercase form. As previously mentioned, bigger is always better, but a flower font should never be written in a capital form. Capitalization of the words “is,” “the ” or “the” in a flowery typeface creates a stiff typeface, which does not create appeal. For this reason, only use capitalized letters when it comes to the name of a company, product, or service (ex: Coke), a logo, or in titles and other printing elements. Other than that, you can effectively use a floral typeface for all your other printed materials

Fancy Floral Vines Fonts

1. Floral Dream

Floral Dream font

Floral Dream is a bold font with great brushes, it will add a distinctly modern and contemporary feel to any design idea. It was inspired by a brush pen and is perfect for logos, t-shirts, branding, prints, and much more. This font is PUA encoded which means you can access all of the cute glyphs with ease! It also features a wealth of special features including ligatures.

Download Floral Dream

2.  Copperplate Classic Light Floral

Copperplate Classic Light Floral font

 The floral decorations go perfectly well together with the classic forms of the Copperplate.

Download Copperplate Classic Light Floral

3. De Floras

De Floras font

de Floras is a lovely and beautiful script typeface that designs manually by hand and love. de Floras comes with 5 weight, light, regular, semi bold, bold and extra bold. de Floras comes with a beautiful start and end swash that made who look for the first time is falling in love. Very suitable for designing wedding cards, birthday cards, invitation, greeting, and many more.

Download De Floras

4. Autumn Embrace

Autumn Embrace font

Autumn Embrace Floral is an elegant, decorative, feminine font. Floral uppercase letters are ideal for your wedding monograms and logos. Use this font for wedding invitations, branding, packaging, magazines, florist shops, social media, restaurant menus, greeting cards, headers and many more.

Download Autumn Embrace

5. Quaint Garden

Quaint Garden font

Quaint Garden Regular is a modern calligraphy font. It’s perfect for design projects, social media, invitations, signatures, watermarks, logos, letterpress address, titles, birthday invitations, handwriting and more.

Download Quaint Garden

6. The Floral Font

The Floral Font

Butterfly decotated font.

Download The Floral Font

7. Gentle Whisper

Gentle Whisper font

Gentle Whisper comes in two styles: Floral and Regular.

Gentle Whisper Floral is an elegant, decorative, feminine font. Floral uppercase letters are ideal for your wedding monograms and logos. Use this font for wedding invitations, branding, packaging, magazines, florist shops, social media, restaurant menus, greeting cards, headers and many more.

Gentle Whisper Regular is a modern calligraphy font. It’s perfect for wedding design projects, instagram, invitations, signatures, watermarks, logos, letterpress address, titles, birthday invitations, handwriting and more.

Download Gentle Whisper

8. The Floral Alphabet

The Floral Alphabet font

Collage letters made with soft pink, gray and white flowers.

These letters would look great used in a variety of ways, including:

On invitations for birthday, new baby and wedding events
As a display type headline in a magazine or on the cover of a book
On the cover of a new album
On a banner for a boutique, craft event, or food and garden festival
For a flower shop’s signage or print marketing materials

Download The Floral Alphabet

9. Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden font

A handwritten font loaded with extra botanical elements that allow you to create beautiful logos and floral compositions for any project! Create stationery, quotes, logos, etc. all packed together in a family.

Download Botanical Garden

10. Everbloom – floral typeface

Everbloom - floral typeface

Enhance your designs with this floral typeface . The typeface has 2 versions – decorative patterned letters version and clean hand drawn version.

With this collection it will be easy to create a fresh botanical elegant designs, perfect for wedding stationery, logo designs and beautiful branding.

Download Everbloom – floral typeface

11. Herbarium

Herbarium font

What started as floral letter illustrations in 2009 has now developed into a writable font.

Download Herbarium

12. Hugolers Stylish + Floral

Hugolers Stylish font

Hugolers Stylish a modern-style serif font with alternatives and ligatures that create stunning logos, quotes, posts, blog posts. branding projects, magazine imagery, wedding invitations, and much more

Download Hugolers Stylish

13. Monogram Handrawn Floral Font

Monogram Handrawn Floral Font

Introducing this sweet, lovely Monogram Handdrawn floral font from our store! Fall in love with its romantic touch to create some gorgeous designs, for your special occasions, for your business stuffs, logo, branding, merch, social media posts, and wedding cards. Simply install this Monogram Handdrawn floral font and it’s ready to use!

Download Monogram Handrawn Floral Font

14. Garden

Garden font


, a serif display handmade font with a playful and spontaneous feel.

The Garden family offers a font with a set of original “catchwords” (‘Garden Catchwords’, based on brush calligraphy), floral dingbats and botanical ornaments. Please be aware, “Garden Catchwords” is a ‘Catchwords’ font, and does not offer standard AlphaNumeric characters.

Download Garden

15. Satine-Floral Display Font

Satine font

Satine is a beautiful decorative font, featuring elegant flowers. Get inspired by its authentic feel and use it to create gorgeous wedding invitations, lovely stationary art, eye-catching social media posts, and cute greeting cards.

Download Satine-Floral Display Font

16. Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves font

a stylish floral font inspired by nature and last autumn. It is perfect for business and wedding cards, logos, branding, and much more, and well to emphasize your unique style.

Download Golden Leaves

17. Garden floral romantic font

Garden floral romantic font

This font was created manually.

Each letter – leaflets and twigs of the vine and other collective images. There are large and small letters, which makes its use wide. The font is ideal for a romantic style.

Large letters of the font can be used as monograms, it will give your design originality, uniqueness and a special spirit.

DownloadGarden floral romantic font

18. Chin Up Buttercup

Chin Up Buttercup font

A Perfectly Playful new font pair with a handy doodle font consisting of 40 complimentary Illustrations.

Consisting of a Script, a Cute Sans Serif and a handy doodles font, Chin Up Buttercup are perfect companions for designing greeting cards, quotes, typographic designs, wall art, branding, packaging, websites, photos, photo & photography overlays, signs, window art, scrapbooking, tags and so much more.

Download Chin Up Buttercup

19. Flóra – A Delicate Floral Font

A Delicate Floral Font

It’s an elegant and feminine font suitable for all kinds of headlines and decorative purpouses. It’s a perfect font for, all kinds of wedding stationary, invitations, natural logos, flower shops, packaging, social media posts and so much more!

Download Flóra

20. Bahor – Hand Made Floral Typeface

Bahor - Hand Made Floral Typeface

Bahor is a hand drawn floral display font with black ink serif letters and beautiful flowers. The flower decoration is different in the upper and lower case section, to add variety and diversification to your words.

Download Bahor – Hand Made Floral Typeface

21. Aronia

Aronia font

Aronia is a thin line uppercase font with floral motives. The typeface includes a Decorative and a Symbol version. To get an elegant and unique design, combine letters with elements. The font is easy to use in various design programs or without any program.

Download Aronia

22. Floral Thunder Font Duo

Floral Thunder Font Duo

Floral Thunder is the perfect mix-n-match font duo. It’s the stylish and carefree font pack you’ve been looking for! The script comes with a full pack of alternate letters to choose from. And the sans comes with a fill and outline version giving you tons of layout options to play with. Plus it’s chalked full of opentype feautures such as language support, etc.

Download Floral Thunder Font Duo

23. Mexico

Mexico font

The typeface is presented in two styles: decorative and blank, сombine them to get your unique design.

Download Mexico

24. Serenity Font Duo

Serenity Font Duo

An elegant duo of fonts and floral illustration extras – designed to work together in harmony, to produce a plethora of beautiful, sophisticated & feminine designs. The luxurious modern calligraphy script works perfectly together with the delicate hand-drawn florals – ideal for elegant branding projects, greeting cards, packaging, social media, logo design and of course, wedding invitations. Also included is Serenity Serif, a rustic serif font, with a touch of imperfection as you’d find in old printed press inks – to contrast with and therefore compliment the more refined luxurious contemporary flow of the script font .

Download Serenity Font Duo

25. Nordique Pro

Nordique Pro font

Inspired by her Swedish and Norwegian heritage, Andrea Leksen created this modern geometric sans serif reminiscent of Scandinavian design and typography. With its tall x-height, Nordique will be best showcased at large sizes, in headlines and other display uses. The Light, Regular, Semibold and Bold versions each contain over 50 ornaments, swashes, alternates and borders to play with—a modern take on the traditional rosemåling and kurbits painting styles.

Download Nordique Pro

26. RMU Initials

RMU Initials font

Four fonts entirely of decorative initials of which the uppercase basic letters of RMU Initials One are occupied by Walthari initials, the lowercase ones by Eckmann initials, both released first by Rudhard’sche Gießerei, Offenbach, Germany, about 1900.

Download RMU Initials

27. MFC Thornwright Monogram

MFC Thornwright Monogram font

The inspiration source for MFC Thornwright Monogram is a beautiful letterset from the “Manuel de Broderies No. 179” by N. Alexandre & Cie. from the late 1800’s. Thornwright Monogram is capable of automatic 3-letter monogram formatting as well as bare & floral styles utilizing Ligature & Stylistic Alternates features. We’ve included both the bare and the original florally adorned versions of the Capitals to offer more design versatility.

Download MFC Thornwright Monogram

28. Snowy – Winter Floral Color Font

Snowy - Winter Floral Color Font

Winter Bold is Christmas Holiday theme color font, designed for headline and also art print. With this Magical font you can easily make your Holiday card, postcard, Banner, Logo, Poster, web and many more. Another great thing about OpenType-SVG formats is installable on Mac & windows and work like any other font.

Download Snowy

29. My Tara

My Tara font

My Tara is a handwritten script typeface with a casual, but rough look and sketched woody texture. Because of the fluidity, there are plenty of Standard Ligatures to avoid frequent repetition of letters. There are ligatures created for Cyrillic too.

If you want floral initials, first or last letter in a word, you can use My Tara Ornaments font with sketched and inky texture. If you need drawings for your artwork, you can choose My Tara Dingbats, with more than 300 crocky drawings of flora and fauna, authentic for National Park Tara

Download My Tara

30. Flowerista – girly handwriting floral style

Flowerista - girly handwriting floral style

Flowerista is a light hearted font with a softness and kindness in every letter it is written. With floral and flower vibe, bring all nature and softness in the writing.

Download Flowerista – girly handwriting floral style