25 Funky Fonts for a Groovy Time

Funky Fonts

As an internet marketer, you will be aware that search engines love fonts and they love the funky fonts. This is because it makes your website interesting and appealing to your potential clients, who are looking for some cool stuff. This kind of font is very easy to read as the letters will not be too large and can easily be read by humans. The font also looks neat and clean when it is printed on a computer monitor. It is the reason why many people choose this kind of font and use it in their websites. They know that when they have funky fonts, they are likely to get higher rankings in search engine results.

Many online businesses today rely heavily on search engine optimization or SEO to make their websites visible in search engines. However, the only way that they can do this is through the use of different kinds of fonts. A good example of these is Funky Fonts. This font is considered to be one of the most popular and best ones that is available for online businesses to use. If you want to use this font, you should consider a few things first. One thing that you should remember is that the font will look good for your website if you know how to use it correctly.

For instance, when using the font, you will need to make sure that you set the font’s size appropriately. You can do this by adjusting the size of your browser window and then you can also set it to the size of your text. Also, if you want the font to work better on your website, you can try to experiment with the font settings. When you are printing the font onto your letterhead, make sure that you adjust the size of your font to the correct size. In addition, you should also make sure that you create the font using white ink that is well-poured so that it does not bleed into the paper. Finally, it would be best to ensure that you use the font in your headings and other important information.

Funkiest Fonts Ever

1. Funkies

funkies font

Introducing a new retro bold script called Funkies. Bring back to the 70’s era Funkies inspired by posters and album covers of funk, disco and rockabilly music with bold and fun style. Funkies came with open type features such stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, swash & ligatures good for logotype, poster, badge, book cover, tshirt design, packaging and any more.

Download Funkies

2. Funkley 

Funkley font

Introducing Funkley – Handmade Funky Font. It can be used to create almost all types of design projects like print materials. Just use your imagination and your project will become more alive and look great than ever with Funkley – Handmade Funky Font.

Download Funkly

3. Gelica

This is a display family first and foremost, but is also comfortable at smaller sizes for longer copy, and so works well in a supporting role to a more exuberant titling font.

Download Gelica

4. Funkydori

Funkydori font

Funkydori is a typographic homage to the groovy ‘70s, updated for 21st century designs.

Download Funkydori

5. Funky Swirly

funky swirly typeface

Funky Swirly is a cute and casual handwritten font with an incredibly friendly feel. It features gorgeous swashes and ligatures that make this script incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking for fonts for Instagram or calligraphy scripts for DIY projects, Funky Swirly will turn any creative idea into a true piece of art!

Download Funky Swirly

6. Kaikura

Kaikura is inspired by the Soul and Funky vibes of the 70s and a tribute to the artists of that era.

Download Kaikura

7. Funky

Funky is a display, grunge and sans serif font family.

Download Funky

8. Wicked Hearts

wicked hearts typeface

Wicked Hearts Is a chunky Serif font with an edge – it’s a cool modern take on a retro classic, and it’s ready to make a lasting impression on your merchandise, quote designs, header text, logos & branding, advertisements and much more.

Download Wicked Hearts



POPKORN- funky marker font. Created with energy, happy vibes, and a lot of laugh. POPKORN is ready to explode! Just add your favourite flavor, POPKORN will add the joy in your projects.

Download Popkorn

10. Funky Tiger

funky tiger font

Funky Tiger contains gorgeous hearts in each of its letters which give this cute display font a romantic twist. Get inspired by its modern look and feel, and elevate any craft project to the highest level.

Download Funky Tiger

11. Ekland

ekland font

Introducing our new typeface, Ekland – A quirky, funky sans-serif display typeface. This is a display sans-serif font that we recommend using in the following types of work; magazines (titles and layouts), logos and branding, invitations, quotes, blog headers, posters, advertising and body copy.

Download Ekland



BadBoy Inc, comes in funky sharp shape, stand out and making a bold statement with it. Perfect for any logotype that need some rebel feels in it, a project that need an in-your-face attitude, a poster that spread positiveness and energy. Speak out loud !

Download BAD BOY INC

13. Bogart

Bogart font

Bogart has been designed in 2020 by Francesco Canovaro as a personal homage to the iconic look of low-contrast old-style fat faces, like Cooper Black (Oswald Bruce Cooper, 1922) and Goudy Heavy Face (Frederic W. Goudy and Sol Hess, 1925-1932). Originating from the modern old style of Bookman, these muddy, goopy shapes found their pop culture iconic status thanks to rub-on transfers and phototypesetting systems in the 1960s and 1970s. Positively bursting with hippie energy and exuberant vitality, they often included an extensive repertoire of swash characters, bridging the space between lettering and typography.

Download Bogart

14. Funky Font Mini Bundle

Funky Font Mini Bundle

The FUNKY FONT BUNDLE from Little Type Factory.

Contains 6 fonts including;

• Hoola Hoopa

• Monsta Rocka

• Papier Couper

• PeeJay

• Roller

• Splatt!

Download Funky Font Bundle

15. Funky Spunky

Funky Spunky font

Funky Spunky is a charming display font that has a very whimsical appearance. Fall in love with its playful look & feel!

Download Funky Spunky

16. Roca

Roca font

Initially started as an extension to Praline MCL, Roca transformed into a new font family – influenced by the same fonts as Praline – Windsor and Cooper Black – the hits of 60s and 70s – with a hint of Bookman.

Download Roca

17. Kandani

Kandani font

A retro bold script which will bring you back to 60s feel. This typeface has the extrude version so you can create your retro effect font in ease. This font perfectly made to be applied especially in logo, and the other various formal forms such as invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books, greeting / wedding cards, packaging, fashion, make up, stationery, novels, labels or any type of advertising purpose.

Download Kandani

18. Lovadelic

lovadelic typeface

Introducing a new retro & groovy typeface called Lovadelic. Inspired from 70’s script lettering combine with psychedelic balloon typography. Lovadelic comes with open type features such stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, contextual alternates & ligatures. The package also comes with extras graphic to help you make stunning design.

Download Lovadelic

19. Jokers

Jokers font set

Say hello to Jokers! A fun and creative font set that gives you tons of options to play around with. Jokers comes with solid and outline versions that can be used together or on their own. Also included is an all caps version and a set of lowercase alternate characters and ligatures.

Download Jokers

20. Funky Gurls

funky gurls

Funky Gurls is a fun and kooky display font with a slightly whimsical feel. Use it to add a playful touch to any comic-themed product.

Download Funky Gurls

21. The Boldstyle

The Boldstyle

Introducing The Boldstyle a retro bold script which will bring yo back to 70s feel.comes with Extrude versions. So you don’t need extra effort to create extrude effects.

Download The Boldstyle

22. Crackalackin

Crackalackin font

Crackalackin is a unique and quirky font set. There are 6 variations of each letter so you can mix and match until you find the perfect fit. It’s great for big bold headlines, typographic posters, logos, and so much more.

Download Crackalackin

23. Popstone – Groovy

Popstone - Groovy font

Popstone is one of a unique font from our collection, it look bubbly and funky. Contains 10 weights from thin to black, including variable format It also has alternatives and a lot of fun ligatures to play with. Popstone is a fun, funky, and versatile font family, you can use it for poster, logo, retro or vintage theme, DIY projects, baby, 70s, 80s style, and much more.

Download Popstone

24. Watermelon

Watermelon font

Watermelon is a chunky bold typeface perfect for any fun quirky design work! This font can be used for anything such as t-shirt designs, phone cases, greeting cards, invitations, mugs and so much more! Get creative!

Download Watermelon

25. Goby

Goby has several distinct personalities, and can definitely help you make some waves. Lower case Goby is sweet, lively, easy to read, bold, and always friendly. Goby also works great in all-caps, and if you turn on discretionary ligatures, discover a huge stash of funky two and three-letter ligatures that can make ordinary words look extraordinary. The Goby font family also includes Goby Graphics, an ocean-y collection of illustrations by Amy Dietrich. If you need some artful seaweed, a head of coral, a seahorse, or maybe a smiling hermit crab, the unique images of Goby Graphics will work swimmingly.

Download Goby