30 Balloon Fonts for Some Bounce

Balloon fonts are hand written scripts that use a grid to show different types of text or images. The original balloon font was developed for display purposes, but today it is also used in signage and other advertising materials. It was first developed in 1939 by Max R. Kaufmann for American Type Foundry, Inc., in response to Howard Allen Trafton’s famous cartoon, cut into Light, Bold, and extra-bold typeface. Although, like many other sans serif types, balloons had its share of lovers and enemies, especially those who were from the design backgrounds of those days. The biggest complaint with balloons, after all, is that it does not distinguish between headings, subtitles, or curser and content.

For personal use, it can be used with any text-handwriting software without making any kind of corrections, unless such corrections are intended for the final printed document. For commercial use, it is advisable to get your hands on a good set of text correction software, like Adobe InDesign CS5, which provides tools that include built in justification and alignment tools, as well as italics and underline. With these tools in hand, you can correct all kinds of inconsistencies, including margins, headings, margins, and padding. You will be able to easily customize the appearance of your balloon fonts for better results, according to your needs.

Although there are some people who prefer to use default fonts that are part of the software package, like the Courier family, there are many who appreciate the uniqueness and creativity of a customized typeface. If you are in the market for custom designing, why not consider using a balloon font? It comes in a variety of weights, including regular, italic, or special, and its flexibility to adapt to any type of text makes it a great choice. You can have your balloons designed according to any theme you want, including current events, hobbies, professions, animals, and many more. Whatever you are promoting or doing, you can make sure that your message gets across effectively by using premium fonts.

Ballon Fonts that are Fun, Bubbly and Cute

1. Balloon

balloon font

Balloon was published by URW Type Foundry. Balloon contains 8 styles and family package options.

Download Balloon

2.  Balloon by Bitstream

balloon by bitstream font

Balloon was designed by Max Kaufmann and published by Bitstream. Balloon contains 3 styles and family package options.

Download Balloon

3. Balloon by Tilde

Balloon by Tilde font

Balloon was published by Tilde. Balloon contains 3 styles and family package options

Download Balloon

4. Balloon No2

Balloon No2 font

Balloon No2 is a decorative typeface published by SoftMaker.

Download Balloon No2

5. Balloon Pro

Balloon Pro font

Balloon Pro is one of the fonts of the SoftMaker font library.

Download Balloon Pro

6. Balloon Dream LS

balloon dreams font

Suitable to complement your digital and printed creative products. This font is perfect for posters, social media posts, branding, personal projects, etc.

Download Balloon Dream LS

7. Yellow Balloon

Yellow Balloon font

From the author: “Yellow Balloon is a typeface named after my two year old son’s favorite book: The Yellow Balloon by Dutch author/illustrator Charlotte Dematons. Every night before he goes to sleep, he wants to read the book and manages to find the yellow balloon on every page”.

Download Yellow Balloon

8. Balloon Bash

Balloon Bash font

Balloon Bash is a hand lettered serif font. It’s very playful and could be used for a variety of designs, such as a wooden sign or a kid’s t-shirt! Contains over 200 accented characters for language support. Some of the languages supported are: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Polish, Catalan, Irish, Norwegian, Croatian, Gaelic, and more!

Download Balloon Bash

9. DS Baby Balloon

DS Baby Balloon typeface

Baby Balloon Layered Typeface is good for children’s design nuances of bubbles can be used for various designs.

Download DS Baby Balloon

10. Balloons Color Font

Balloons Color Font

2 color or SVG opentype font – working only in Photoshop CC 2017+, Illustrator CC 2018 and some Mac apps!

2 versions: Colorful balloons for your party or birthday


  • Color or SVG fonts are pretty new technology – they currently show up in Photoshop CC 2017+, Illustrator CC 2018 and some Mac apps.
  • Please setup fonts to smooth style if you see crispy borders on your color fonts in Adobe Photshop! be sure you’ll create type area on whole window…if you can see some part of letters are outside this area you need to space it into area to see letters propertly!
  • If you need realistic brush effect on SVG font please select : 1. dark font on light background – Multiply layer effect & 2. light font on dark background – Screen layer effect on font layer

Download Balloons Color Font

11. Balloon SB

Balloon SB font

Koara is a handmade font family inspired by nature. It’s composed of two versions, (rough and wild) and available in the weights, light, regular and bold, with an alternative capital K, linear lowercase and capital numbers. It’s recommended for large titrations, small paragraphs, typographic compositions and logotype, Koara shines on several backgrounds like leafs, jungle, nature images and even organic food. 

Download Balloon SB

12. Bomber Balloon

Bomber Balloon font

Bomber Balloon is Playful font. This font is perfect for logo, quote, poster, playful lettering, for clothing, or any design projects.

Download Bomber Balloon

13. Bubblegum Pop

Bubblegum Pop font

A funky balloon type in three variants, Highlight, Shadow and plain old Vanilla. Guaranteed to bring a sense of playful fun to packaging, comic magazines, and merchandise.

Download Bubblegum Pop

14. Balloon Duke

Balloon Duke font

Balloon Duke is a cute and playful display font. It will add an incredibly joyful touch to your designs. Add this beautiful display font to each of your creative ideas and notice how it makes them stand out!

Download Balloon Duke

15. Balaleen

Balaleen font

Balaleen arabic & latin typeface is a cute layered hand-drawn font designed by Adel Banfeel, Inspired by balloons effects, this font is easy to read, and easy to play with 5 different styles, line, solid with line, solid with effect, line with effect or mix all styles.

To do so, you can simply superimpose them with a compatible software like Photoshop, then choose a color for each, making your works charming and unique.

This font, finely designed for cards, book titles, headlines or any artworks.

Download Balaleen

16. Love You

Love You font

Love You – Funny Cute Balloon font – Kid Child Cartoon Display Font

Love you balloon font is suitable for any design needs : kid game logo, snack, kindergarten branding, food & beverage packaging, child kid design, modern advertising design, birthday party, cartoon, animation, kid book, toys branding, poster quote, book / cover Title, website / blog, card design and any hand-lettered needs.

Download Love You

17. Ziclets

Ziclets font

A fresh font for juicy designs and psychedelic minds, seasoned with yummy opentype features!

Download Ziclets

18. JellyBelly

JellyBelly font

Jelly belly is a jiggly, wiggly and fabulous new font from salt and pepper designs! Perfectly imperfect and rounded with love, this cute new favorite will be a wonderful addition to your collection!

Download JellyBelly

19. Glowworm

Glowworm font

Glowworm was designed by Bogdan Zochowski and published by Mecanorma Collection. Glowworm contains 2 styles and family package options.

Download Glowworm

20. Air Ballon Font

Air Ballon Font

This font can take your design ‘Up, Up and Awayyyyy!’ Air Balloon is cute, fun and whimsical! Not only is it hand drawn but it’s easily legible at all sizes! Making it a perfect pairing font but also strong enough to stand alone! Just see for yourself…

Download Air Ballon

21. Droog

Droog font

Droog is an unusual rounded font pierced with circular holes, some of which are used in lieu of counters. Used to best effect in shorter settings and at larger sizes. Suitable for science fiction posters, sweet wrappers, noodle joints, pet shops and native Nadsat speakers.

Download Droog

22. Gingies Bubble

Gingies Bubble font

Gingies Bubble is a cute, bold, and playful handwritten font. Fall in love with its incredibly versatile style and use it to create beautiful designs!

Download Gingies Bubble

23. Glazed

Glazed font

Take a big chewy bite of Glazed, the especially doughy doughnut font. With its blunt “maple bar” strokes, Glazed is bolder than many other rounded typefaces while still being clean and neat. Enjoy it plain, or add dimension with the carefully-drawn glistening highlights of the Shine layer. It’s versatile and tasty!

Download Glazed

24. Jingle Balons GT

Jingle Balons GT font

Inspired by a cute, gum, and balloons character, we present to you Jingle Balons, a handwritten font with bold and cute characters that was comes with alternates and multilingual glyphs to help people around world with that unique accent.

Download Jingle Balons GT

25. Hellioum

Hellioum font

It was crafted by hand specially to add natural handmade feeling in its brand identity than made clean with pentool.

Download Hellioum

26. Bubble Point

Bubble Point font

Bubble point is a form and shape focussed display font where hand made qualities mix with ballpoint pen and outlines of merged bubbles. If you would like to design a project with a unique look and feel, Bubble Point will help you to project a grim fun and wisdom lurk beneath the meaning.

Download Bubble Point

27. Blobby Chug

Blobby Chug - Kids blob font

The bold and balloon playful sans serif shape will bring a lot of joy in kids heart.

Suit perfectly for kids market, online games, stationary, t-shirt and school supplies font, poster, movie title, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers and so on…

Download Blobby Chug

28. Doll

Doll font

Who needs counters? Although this typeface is bold as hell, it is still absolutely legible. If You are looking for fat curves, this is may be Your choice! There are also extra letters (A, V, v) to let You make better logos and headlines.

Download Doll

29. Clou

Clou font

Clou is a custom font which is applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items.

Download Clou

30. Blow Up

Blow Up font

Type designer Hannes von Döhren created a display typeface called “Blow Up”. A bubbly, sweet font with nice light effects. Perfect for use in big sizes on posters or flyers.

You can use Blow Up Sans & Blow Up Bling together to influence the color of the light effects.

Download Blow Up

31. Gampolins

Gampolins font

Inspired from bubble gum shapes, Gampolins come with playful bubble shapes in a fun way.

Download Gampolins