What Font Does Instagram Use? And Why It Seems To Work?

The latest platform to hit the internet has to be Instagram. They have millions of users and are growing rapidly. Their focus is solely on Proxima Nova. This is an easy to read font, which looks good on just about any page. At the end of the day, a great app has to do a great job at selecting the right font for the audience. Having a consistent Instagram theme throughout all of their app really brings a nice interface to the consumer.

This font is very easy to read because of the various different weights of the lines. The way the t’s and I’s are arranged gives an easy reference for most people. The different types of fonts help give each user a different feel and personalization. You will always have a reason to look at your feed when you see this certain font.

When it comes to navigation, this app follows the Apple users’ best practices. As a result, users love the simplicity of this system. The navigation is fluid and nothing feels forced, which allows the user to explore and use the different features of the app has to offer.

This system also uses different fonts which make it easier for users to navigate. As we continue to evolve our technology platform, it is important to stay up with new trends. Being able to use different fonts makes it much easier to use a platform with so many different elements.

In fact, Instagram is following in the footsteps of Facebook. They are trying to include as many visual elements as they can in their platform to provide their users with a better experience. If you want to know what font does Instagram use, it is because this application uses the Apple user interface as its default system font.

This system utilizes two different types of fonts: Times New Roman and Helvetica. Users have the choice between these two types of fonts. The former is Times New Roman. It is widely used in business documents, while the latter is mostly used in fashion design. There was a period where it was difficult to find a fashion designer who was using this type of font but now you can find several designers who are reusing this type of font.

If you were to compare what font does Instagram use with other social media platforms, you would see that this application uses Arial. It is very common especially in videos where people are using the headsets. Apple users prefer to use Arial since it is very legible. The reason for this preference is clear since the company uses Arial font in all of its products.

In terms of aesthetics, Arial is the most stylish font of all. This font is also very appropriate to use in a video or any image where people are using text. It will make the text much clearer and easier to read. Therefore, if you use this font in your images or any type of document that has text content, you will certainly get a more appealing user experience.

Another reason why Arial is popular is because it is legible. Almost all users are on touch-screens, which makes it difficult for them to read anything on a computer screen. If they are to use a regular font, it will take longer for them to read the texts. However, if they use this font, it will not take long for them to understand what the user wants them to read.

Finally, Arial looks good when background is faded out. Fading out background colors gives an impression that something important took place. Therefore, if you have something important that needs to be shared with your users, it would be advisable to go for the Arial font. Another great thing about it is that if you are in the process of designing your site and want people to visit your site, it would work very well. This font is also very easy to download and install which means that you do not have to pay extra for it.

All these things lead us to the conclusion that Arial is the best font to use for Instagram. It is easy to read, easy to set as the default and matches what the user is expecting. It can also help you stand out from the crowd. You can also use it if you are on mobile and you want to provide a more legible text. Whatever you think about the decision, make sure that you get some help from an expert or a designer before proceeding.

You could take help from fonts, tdsl and any number of font sharing sites. However, there is a problem with most fonts. They may look good but there are few users who find them readable. You need to consider the size and weight as well as how clear they are so that your users do not face any issues while using your site. Remember, you cannot please everybody, but if you make the right font choice, you will definitely have a loyal user base.