15 License Plate Fonts to Get You on the Road

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Some license plate fonts are more legible than others. In addition to their distinctive appearance, they can also help drivers identify their car from a distance. The most popular license plate fonts are the standard DIN 1451 and the new FE-font. This typeface was originally designed to allow the number plate makers to easily change … Read more

30 Italian Fonts that Express the Culture

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Italian is a language in the Indo-European language family. It is most closely related to Latin, the vulgar language of the Roman Empire. The word ‘Italian’ originates from the Latin of the late Roman Empire and is a descendant of Latin. Like many other Romance languages, Italian is derived from Greek. The alphabet used in … Read more

30 Minimalist Fonts that are Modern and Timeless

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There are many benefits to using minimalist fonts. Aside from being easy to read, they are highly versatile and will add a distinctive touch to any project. If you’re looking for a new font that reflects your style and the mood of your brand, try one of these minimalist fonts. They’re perfect for titles and … Read more

30 Gangster Fonts that Flex and Impress

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These gangster font are available in many types and styles which can help you to get an amazing looking font. You can try out any one of them but it is always advisable to have some quality font to be used in your projects. Choosing any of the gangster fonts mentioned below are always depends … Read more