How to Create a Font – Tips & Tricks

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If you’ve been searching the internet for information on how to create a font, chances are you’ve stumbled upon an array of different sites and pages. Some are going to give you tips on creating a font, while others are just going to direct you to places that have already tried to create fonts. No … Read more

25 Best Tall Fonts Skinny, Bold & Everything In-between

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When it comes to reading books in large print, Tall Fonts is the only way to go. With a Tall Font you are able to see the text clearly without having to squint or having to physically stretch your eyes. The reason why many people find it difficult to read large text on a laptop … Read more

25 Best Manly Fonts to Add Boldness and Strength to Your Design

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Masculine fonts for men tend to be a little bit different than feminine fonts, as masculine fonts are usually more of a formal typeface or script font, which means that masculine fonts are more suited to business use. Men are often more conservative fonts are a great choice for this style. The best thing about … Read more