20 Best Jersey Fonts to Win the Game

When it comes to creating custom sports jerseys, you’ll need to find a font that’s appropriate for the occasion. Whether you’re designing a banner, a social media post or a logo, it’s important that the font you choose complements the overall design of the jersey. That’s why you’ll find a wide variety of jersey fonts available for download.

If you’re looking for a font with a vintage style, you’ll be happy to know that many of the best sports jersey fonts are based on old school typography. These types of typefaces are perfect for sports ads, logos and banners.

Some of the most popular sports jersey fonts include Touchdown and Hadrey. Both of these fonts are available in a free version. They are both readable and clean. The former features uppercase and lowercase letters, while the latter is condensed and gritty.

You can also try one of the most recognizable sports logo fonts, Bills Mafia. It has a sharp look and looks great on team banners and signs.

Another sports font you might want to consider is Fargo Faro NF. This font is available in a free and a paid version. While it doesn’t have any tails, it has plenty of character.

Another good sports jersey font is Breakdons. This font has a modern Cricut font look and is inspired by vintage typography.

Having said that, it’s still a solid choice if you’re looking for a sports font for your next project. The font comes in multiple swash variations and is perfect for sports, like football, and poster designs.

Best sport jersey fonts

1. Scout – Athletic Typeface

Scout is a sharp, clean, and bold athletic font. It is a very versatile display typeface perfect for sports branding, emblems, jerseys, posters, apparel design, magazine headlines, labels and so much more. Scout is fully-kerned and ready to be used right out the box.

Download Scout

2. Winner Sans

Classic athletic aesthetics, finally as a versatile contemporary super family. Just when you thought there was nothing left to add to the classic sports design, we lifted it to a whole new level. Whatever you want to set in whatever space, with seven weights in seven widths both with or without serifs, you’ll definitely find the right proportions for it! Winner Sans supports not only most Latin-based languages but also Greek. Its extensive character set also contains currency signs, arrows, as well as a wide range of numerals from small figures to Roman numerals. Furthermore, its sophisticated OpenType layout features give you access to alternative letter shapes, fractions, tabular figures, and contextual alternates.

Download Winner Sans

3. Beachwood

Los Angeles’ distinctive “shotgun” style street signs were last produced over sixty years ago, but these durable porcelain and steel signs are still in use all over the city, by both humans and birds, who like to build their nests between the panels.

The Beachwood font faithfully captures the look of these vintage signs with a new matching lowercase. In addition to numbers based on the street signs, Beachwood includes four alternate number sets based on the jersey styles of Los Angeles’ pro football teams.

Download Beachwood

4. Kacer

Kacer was created with sports designers and their usages of type in mind. Kacer is perfect for sports, apparel, promo and large headline uses. It’s versatility allows you to brand each sport and is built with jersey placement in mind, so you could utilize Kacer on each sports’ jersey to really tie things together!

Download Kacer

5. Born Strong

Born Strong is built with athletics in mind. The goal was to make the perfect typeface for sports teams, college football, athletic wear and everything in between. The font family supports a wide range of languages and is available in many different weights.

Download Born Strong

6. The Sports Font Bundle

This pack includes four different sport themed fonts and is available for a limited period of time for ONLY $12

Download The Sports Fond Bundle

7. TF-Russya

Introducing TF-Russya, a strong-striking font with boxy and sharp feeling. Suits best or poster designs, headlines, typography projects, E-Sport logos, sport jersey text, etc.

Download TF-Russya

8. Undergrad

This font began its life as a project to design a T-shirt for a student group on a large midwestern university. It has now grown up into a unicode font, including Greek and Cyrillic. It has that look and feel of the T-shirts that are ubiquitous on the campuses of colleges and universities over the world. It would make an ideal tool for designing them, as well as posters and banners. Characters in these fonts include Latin, for English and other European languages; small a and c for names like MacDonald; many fractions, including 0/3 needed in baseball; Latin with diacritical marks for Eastern and Western European, Turkish, and Baltic languages; thorn, eth, cedilla, AE, OE, and sharp S for French, German, Icelandic; Latin extensions for clicks of some African languages; Greek (with tonos); Cyrillic for Russian and many other Slavic and Asian languages that use it; most Runes (the full Futhark plus a few more); six-point Brialle; currency symbols for dollar, cent, pound, yen, euro; and a few other extras like the peace sign. Available styles are regular block letters, outlines, and bold.

Download Undergrad

9. Triton Sports Font Family

Triton Sports Font Family was created with sports designers and their usages of type in mind. Triton is perfect for sports, apparel, promo and large headline uses. It’s versatility allows you to brand each sport and is built with jersey placement in mind, so you could utilize Triton on each sports’ jersey to really tie things together!

Download Triton

10. Raven MX

The Raven MX is a striking display font. Its bold letters are perfect for logos, titles, clothing lines, and much more!

Download Raven MX

11. Hudson NY Pro

Hudson NY Pro still comes in Regular, Serif and Slab styles now with completely re-drawn glyphs, there are now six weights as well as italics for each style. Some of the additional features included in the Pro Edition is Small Caps, Stylistic Sets and Alternate Glyphs. Hudson NY is now loads more versatile, it is the perfect Display family for sports, beverage and entertainment. Press versions have been dropped in the Pro Edition as these were the lesser used and sluggish fonts of the original Hudson NY family so the focus was to create a cleaner family with more usability options.

Download Hudson NY Pro

12. Gridiron

Hustling to a starting position on the StudioWorks line is Gridiron — an all-star addition to the athletic display team. Unlike the stiff and bulky builds of seasoned sports slabs, Gridiron doesn’t cut corners and instead packs power and agility onto a more rounded frame.

Gridiron is your go-to for sports-themed logos, posters and apparel and plays well with many classic sans serif types. Feeling that deadline blitz? Stop the rush with Gridiron Regular and sprint into the end zone with Gridiron Italic. Two typestyles come together in one special team.

Download Gridiron

13. Karbitan

KARBITAN Font Display. Strong-striking font with boxy and sharp feeling. Suits best for poster designs, headlines, typography projects (construction, resistance, solidarity, movement, revolution), E-Sport logos, sports jersey text, etc.

Download Karbitan

14. Vintage Varsity

Vintage Varsity was inspired by that classic iron-on letterman jacket your “cool” uncle wore in high school (and lets be real, probably still wears today)… Pair with some fuzzy felt textures and you got yourself a killer duo! Strike the fill, throw a stroke on it, and design a retro-slogan t-shirt. Is this starting to sound like a cheesy infomercial? Good, I’m rolling with it. Have fun!

Download Vintage Varsity

15. Super League Typeface

Super League is a display typeface created for the sports industry. The typeface itself doesn’t lean too much in a particular sports category direction which makes it versatile in use across various sporting categories.

Super League has loads of. options to make use of including; small caps, stylistic alternates, ligatures for vs, st, nd, rd and th that are very useful when handling typography for sports in particular. Use Super League in all your printed material or on screen. Create badges or print names and numbers sports kits.

Download Super League

16. Marines – Sport Display Typeface

Marines is a sport display typeface. The font is ready to be used for your sport related projects . Built to be perfect for headlines, jerseys, logos, branding, posters, packaging, advertising, and much more.

Download Marines

17. Hockeynight Sans Rough

It’s a contemporary college-sports font with the little twist – that its a misprinted grunge font.

With its detailed grunge textures it is designed to go big and bold.

Download Hockeynight

18. Touchdown Slab Font

Touchdown! A ballin’ new font that has all the excitement of the game in its letters. The lowercase is clean and neat and the uppercase is grainy and textured just like those retro photos of you at the ball games with your pop! Enjoy!

Download Touchdown

19. Univarsity – Sport Display Font

UNIVARSITY – Sport Display Font which includes uppercase – lowercase and multilingual support. It was created to be tall and aggressive. Easy tweaking shape make the headline, banner, tittle, poster, typography and wordmark more outstanding when it is used. Suitable for sport, athletic, jersey, esport and branding design.


20. Redwing

Cut from the foundations of athletic block fonts and industrial typography, Redwings’ machined aesthetic & heavy-duty construction gives it the decisive tone ideal for key messaging and headlines. Its’ bold form and unapologetic angles demand attention and deliver with confidence on and off the field of competition.

Featuring classic proportions, restrained stroke contrast, and subtle ink traps, Redwing integrates modern details while preserving a timeless appeal.

Download Redwing