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Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the follow up to the successful Animal Crossing series which was a Nintendo game for the Nintendo Wii. The new version will have more variety and many more animal friends to meet. Animal Crossing has been the talk of the town for the last few years, even with the release of New Leaf. Animal Crossing New Leaf improves on the success of the series by adding more ways to bond with your animal friends.

Animal Crossing New Leaf draws some of its inspiration from the popular franchise of Animal Crossing. The storyline revolves around six cute animals who live in a town called New Leaf. These animals are Bloat, Parrot, Squirrell, Parasol, Raccoon, and Tiger. Your job as a resident of New Leaf is to look out for your friends and help them out as they make new friends and take care of their daily lives.

Animal Crossing started life as a very simple Switch game. You would place a certain animal into a specific town and that was that. Over time the game has expanded greatly. Now you have facilities such as a pool, a shop, and a cafe. As you progress through the game you will unlock new town areas, new video cards, and new animal friends.

Animal Crossing New Leaf is not a perfect game though. The main complaint about this game is that there are not enough avatar models for the characters. The only thing that helps is that there is an additional stage for you to explore called the Town Center. It is basically the same location but with a different layout.

There is also an option to buy decorations, furniture, and even more accessories for your house in the Town Center. But since you’re the manager of the store, you can do more than just buy anything and everything you like. You can also change the inventory and move items around to suit your needs. Animal Crossing New Leaf is the only animal crossing video game where you can change your avatars, so you can go from an overweight lazy bear to a fit, muscular tiger!

Another issue with Animal Crossing New Leaf is that the villas are not nearly as interesting as they could or should be. The reason this is the case is because the setting is not as large. When you enter a town it is quite large, but once you get outside you are little more than a few blocks away from your original location. The problem is that you can not fully customize the available villas, which is another negative aspect of this video game. On the bright side, this is one of the few Animal Crossing games in which you can visit the different islands.

The town is a sad place. There is no romance in this game. Also, there are many people who simply seem to be glum and dull. This becomes even worse when you meet your cute new friend, Chunk. A happy home designer who lives at number twelve appears to be the perfect villa owner, until you learn that he has some sort of sadistic pet that attacks people! Horizons seems to have learned from past mistakes, and they have given us an Animal Crossing game that is more fun to play than ever before.

The graphics have gotten better. The music is better. I still do not understand why they added in a house for Chunk, but at least you do not have to dig through the lower levels to find your items! The biggest problem with the game though, is that you will be playing for about three hours before you will be able to save your progress. If you really want to get to the end of the game, I would recommend that you do not waste too much time trying to save your game before finishing the rest of the things.