20 Angry Fonts That Get You Worked Up

Anger is an emotion that can be very destructive. It is an emotional reaction that is a result of a traumatic experience. It is very easy to be overwhelmed by an intense feeling of anger. Anger is a normal emotion that many people will experience at one time in their lives. However, many people do not understand the true nature of this emotion, and do not even realize that it is a symptom of a problem.

While it is natural to have angry feelings from time to time, a lack of understanding about the emotions and how anger affects people can lead to unhealthy consequences. A healthy way to deal with anger is to identify the physical signs of your rage. Anger can affect your health by reducing your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and insomnia. While venting anger is an important aspect of human life, it can be dangerous if it is misused.

Anger is a symptom of a problem. It is the human reaction to a perceived threat. If you experience anger, you might act in a destructive way. You may lash out at others, smash inanimate objects, or behave in an abusive manner. Taking steps to manage your feelings will help you regain control and avoid negative consequences of anger. If you do nothing, you will only be triggering a negative situation.

Angry Aggressive Fonts

1. Angry Monkey

Angry Monkey  font

Angry Monkey is a vintage layered font. Contains 5 typography styles, uppercase and lowercase letters, and basic punctuation for each style. Well suited for headings, corporate identity, as well as the creation of various printed and digital products. The font is designed in the playful style of an angry monkey.

Download Angry Monkey

2. Always Angry BB 

Always Angry BB  font

Always Angry BB is a comic book font for big, brutish monsters. It’s distressed, but still perfectly legible when your monster has a lot of dialogue! The family comes with Regular, Italic, Bold, and BoldItalic, with a large compliment of European characters. The opentype version contains autoligatures to swap out identical, adjacent letters for a more hand-lettered feel.

Download Always Angry BB 

3. Don’t Angry Font

Don't Angry Font

Don’t Angry font is simple multipurpose handmade font , suitable for many project children book, quotes, logo , heading , title etc.

Download Don’t Angry Font

4. Insane Fear

Insane Fear font

Presenting “Insane Fear” brutal typeface. It includes rough and clean versions with separated font layer of extrude effect. As you see the first and the last characters can be different. Just select the last letter and enable “Stylistic alternate” feature.

Download Insane Fear

5. Violence

Violence font

Violence Typeface was inspired from chaotic, riot, protest, and amok nuance. Combine with angry hand drawn brush, make the typeface looks very instant and messy. Best Uses for Cover album, Movie Poster, Logo, Apparel Design, Invitation, Headline, Label, Packaging, Logo type, poster, etc.

Download Violence

6. Wurst Hassen

Wurst Hassen font

WurstHassen is an ugly, violent typeface, full of anger and rage.

Download Wurst Hassen

7. Angry Monsta

Angry Monsta font

Rawwr! The expressive, smooth, and funny handwritten font : Angry Monsta ~ This is a decorative brush font, which contains the usual characters from A-Z , a-z, 0-9 and standard symbols. Also it comes with extra ligatures and 26 ‘Angry’ doodles which you can mix and match together ! Set your font to “Angry Monsta Doodle” and type from A to Z, and you’ll get the comical angry doodle to make your design more cute and expressive!

Download Angry Monsta

8. Whiphand

Whiphand font

A freely hand-drawn display face evoking aggression, speed and raw energy.

Download Whiphand

9. Angry Typens

Angry Typens font

Introducing The Angry Typens – Handwritten cartoon style all caps font, Inspried from one of my old hand made brush font. This font will be perfect choice for the cartoons, video titles, banners, video games, Invitations and much more.

Download Angry Typens

10. Scraper

Scraper font

This rough and bold style uses detail and motion to create text with gritty character.

These fat letters mimic a paintbrush or palette knife in a simple graff style.

Download Scraper

11. bubarz brush font

bubars font
  • dry brush effects
  • light and bold line
  • extra underline and swash INCLUDED
  • casual feel, suitable for headline, poster, and urban events
  • unlimited usage

Download bubarz brush font

12. Outbacker

Outbacker font

With Outbacker you’re not just getting a typical a-z font. You’re getting a font that has over 100 alternate glyphs, so that you can use the font to write phrases a ton of different ways. So, if you’re looking for the perfect ‘R’, you have 6 additional options to choose from in addition to what’s programmed for the default uppercase and lowercase characters. Choose more sharp characters if you’re going for something more aggressive, or more rounded characters if you want something with more of a laid back flow.

Download Outbacker

13. Screter

Screter font

Screter is a fresh Blackletter typeface with sharp edges that looks brave.

Download Screter

14. Samhain

Samhain font

Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. There is no set date, but normally it is held around the end of October and beginning of November. Samhain font was made with a bamboo pen and Chinese ink on rough paper – hence the grungy look. It is quite a heavy font, so I wouldn’t set a complete text in it, but it is ideal to create headlines, posters, postcards and invitations. Of course, Halloween comes to mind!

Download Samhain

15. Murder Face

Murder Face font

Inspired by roman typography and extreme metal band logos. This is a vicious looking font that works great in large and small pt. sizes. Ideal for rock bands, alternative literature, films, video games and apparel.

Download Murder Face

16. Bite Hard

Bite Hard font

Hi! Introducing handcrafted high detailed font BITE HARD. It has four variations to help you easy recolor and combine lettering compositions

Download Bite Hard

17. Fury

Fury font

Get your goggles on. You’re on your way to the Metaverse, where no subject is off limits, everyone has an avatar, and reality is subjective. The world can be turned off or on at your very whim. Never mind the markets, resource counters, national inflations, caviar-loaded barons, environmental surprise, or who will nuke whom first. In 2D it’s all peace and understanding. This is the great escape, shell, shield, your real fury against furious reality. One fist in the air is the start of a revolution. Two fists are the end of a victory. You are in between.

Download Fury

18. Styx

Styx font

Philip Bouwsma makes use of his extensive calligraphy and type design experience by reaching into his vault and completing one of his unfinished projects from the mid-1990s. The result is Styx, a four-font connected-script family, with rough and smooth variations, each containing two sets of majuscules and plenty of alternates sprinkled throughout the character map.

Download Styx

19. Merc

Merc font

Merc is based on an all-cap metal face called Agitator, designed by Wolfgang Eickhoff and published by Typoart in 1960. The rough brush letters look like they were made by someone who is capable of elegance but has no time for it. These are letters that live to catch the eyes and warn them loudly: Doom is here, and if you want it screamed out, this Merc is at your service.

Download Merc

20. Predators Cuspid

Predators Cuspid font

A vintage angry looking typeface named “Predators Cuspid”. It has a grunge scratched texture effect. Protruding “fangs” can be achieved by using a capital letters.

Download Predators Cuspid